1.            Instant Fact: How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone! (Pages:15)

2.            14 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Happy (Pages – 3)

3.            101 Romantic Ideas (Pages – 36)

4.            101 Marriage Secrets (Pages – 32)

5.            A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy – a practical guide for every    

              husband (pages-57)

6.             Beginner’s Guide to Yoga and Meditation (Pages-48)

7.             Adult Erotic Stories (Pages-1500)

8.             Nine Essential Steps to develop Psychic Abilities (Pages-21)

9.             A Proven Roadman to banish Fear (Pages-53)

10.                     Better Sex for Man and Woman To-Night: your guide to

                great Sex (Pages-35)

11.                     Body Language and Attraction (Pages-21)

12.                     Body Language Secrets for Power and Love (Pages-34)

13.                     Body Language Magic (Pages-50)

14.                     Breast Feeding and Storage (Pages-1)

15.                     11 Secrets to Cascading Orgasms (Pages-11)

16.                     Moms Guide to Breast Feeding (Pages-16)

17.                     Costliest Paintings so far Sold (Pages-22)

18.                     Create your own Web-Site in 30 Minutes and Succeed in Google


19.                   Video of World Record of 27 Sixes by a batsman in an innings

20.                   How to bring back the Newly-Wed Feeling again in your Marriage


21.                     Does Marriage make people Happy (Pages-34)

22.                   Encyclopedia of Paper Holding Designs (Pages-122)

23.                   Erotic, Sensual and Sexual Poems (Pages-25)

24.                   Fearlessly Communicating and Talking with Confidence (Pages-15)

25.                   Fitness: The Guide to Staying healthy (Pages-38)

26.                   Goodwill: The most valuable business asset (Pages-13)

27.                   Health for Life: Cure Diabetes, Hypertension, More (Pages-51)

28.                   Help for Anxiety Phobias OCD and Depression (Pages-40)

29.                   Helping Your Child Learn Math (Pages-49)

30.                   Home Made Recipes for Natural Beauty (Pages-10)

31.                   How to construct Sri Chakra (Pages-54)

32.                   How to create a Blog (Pages-25)

33.                   How to Flirt – a Video Guidance

34.                   How to hypnotize the people and other living beings (Pages-35)

35.                   How Facebook can skyrocket your business (Pages-23)

36.                   How to Programme your mind for wealth (Pages-65)

37.                   10 Powerful Secrets to coping with Divorce (Pages-20)

38.                   Learn How to increase Your Sperm volume and achieve stronger

                Orgasms, better Fertility and Longer Lasting Erections (Pages-30)

39.                     500 Interesting Facts (Pages-49)

40.                     How to boost your traffic and website’s popularity with extra inbound

                links (Pages-11)

41.                     Moral Stories for Children (Pages-37)

42.                     Make-up Secrets Revealed (Pages-28)

43.                     The Multi-angled Approach to Penis Enlargement (Pages-32)

44.                     Meditation for Everyone (Pages-25)

45.                     Men Secret Health Issues – Natural Cure Guide (Pages-11)

46.                     Navigating Menopause for Highly Sensitive Women (Pages-44)

47.                     The Newlyweds Guide to a Happy Marriage (Pages-40)

48.                     Using Google Trends to Spot Profitable Niches – a Video Programme

49.                     Romantictionary and Date-aboo! Games for Couples (Pages-18)

50.                     The Easy Way to get Girls with S/A Hypnotism (Pages-15)

51.                     Sex and Mental Health in Old Age (Pages-9)

52.                     The Dirty e-book of Sex Quotes (Pages-40)

53.                     Sixteen Thousand and One Nights (Pages-60)

54.                     Speed Reading Monster Course (Pages-60)

55.                     How to make use of Re-Seller Rights for making money (Pages-10)

56.                     The Complete Guide to picking-up Girls on Face-Book (Pages-22)

57.                     The Weight Loss Manual (Pages-61)

58.                     The Language of Love – Romantic Relationships in adolescence 


59.                     Vedic Mathematics – History, Discoveries and the Sutras (Pages-51)

60.                     Who am I – Teachings of Bhagwan Ramana Maharashi (Pages-8)

61.                     Work Book on Stars and Planets (Pages-60)

62.                     World Scientists and their Innovations

63.                   World Scientists Photos