41.Problem-based Learning and Creativity

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an educational innovation for greater diversity and engagement in learning. PBL diversifies learning by catering for interdisciplinary knowledge application and multiple perspectives in problem solving. It also enhances engagement through more independent learning, peer learning and teamwork in problem solving with possibilities of future learning technologies. This collection on PBL and creativity provides another quantum leap by linking the quest for novelty, creativity and innovation with PBL. One of the key features of the PBL environment is immersion in a problem context. In this volume, we see how such immersion develops not only problem-solving acumen but also insights, intuition and inventive thinking. This volume captures examples and ideas of the interlink of PBL with creative ways of knowing, creative processes, creative learning environments and creative pedagogies.

(1) First collection of its kind that brings together two important fields: the practice of problem-based learning and the applicability of creativity.
(2) PBL with an eclectic philosophy drawing on the best of various PBL models in real practice across disciplines and contexts.
(3) Creativity applied in the context of generative and divergent thinking, psychological and social contexts, and innovation learning environments.
(4) Edited by renowned international scholar on problem-based learning with perspective grounded in psychology and learning science.
(5) International contributions by scholars and practitioners in PBL across Asia, Europe, USA and Australia

This e-book contains 256 pages.

Price: $6 only


42.How to get a Ph.D: a handbook for students and their supervisors, 5th Edition

Since the first edition of this innovative book, thousands of doctoral students have gained their doctorates by following the spot-on advice it gives. Across all faculties and disciplines, it remains the book of choice for both students and their supervisors, establishing it as a worldwide bestseller. This practical book guides students through all they need to know to approach the research, write and defend their ideas and ultimately produce a unique and robust academic thesis. It also gives supervisors and examiners invaluable tips on their role in the process.With vignettes from doctoral candidates, the book demonstrates how problems can be approached and overcome. Thoroughly updated to include new technologies and different forms of doctorate, new content includes coverage on:

·                  Studying for a professional doctorate

·                  The specifics of writing your PhD

·                  Equal opportunities for non-traditional students and for students from minority groups

·                  A self-evaluation questionnaire on doctoral supervisory practice (to complement the existing questionnaire on student progress)

How to Get a PhD is the essential handbook for doctoral students! This e-book contains 275 pages.

Price: $6 only

43.Learn To Speed Read: The Official Kris Madden Workbook

“Kris Madden is the guy we all wish we met the first day of school. The key to speed reading is how you process the words on a page. Most of us read like we did when we were a child. Kris trains us in how to consolidate this process. Perfect your technique and you can reach speeds of up to 600 words per minute! That means you can read a book in hours, NOT days or weeks!”  This e-book contains 366 pages

Price: $5 only


44.Learning and Memory : from Brain to Behavior

Learning and Memory is the first textbook developed from its inception to reflect the convergence of brain studies and behavioral approaches in modern learning and memory research incorporating findings both in animals and humans. Each chapter integrates coverage of both human memory and animal learning, with separate sections specifically devoted to behavioral processes, brain systems, and clinical perspectives. This e-book contains 642 pages.

Price: $6 only


45.Reading for Results

READING FOR RESULTS, 11e, is the mid-level text in the ever-popular reading series by this author, which includes READING KEYS (beginning level) and READING FOR THINKING (advanced level). This hallmark developmental reading text is filled with stimulating readings that range in length from single paragraphs to textbook excerpts. Chapters and explanations are carefully structured so that each skill builds on the previous one until students are ready to tackle longer, multi-paragraph selections. By Chapter 11, “More on Purpose, Tone, and Bias,” students are ready to think about the basic structure of an argument and lay the foundations for critical thinking. The 11th edition features a wealth of enhancements. A new Chapter 7, “Drawing Inferences from Visual Aids,” shows students how to read and interpret charts and graphs, as well as how such visuals connect to the text. The 11th edition also includes increased emphasis on vocabulary building, with over two hundred new words - many drawn from academic texts - which are introduced in context and defined in footnotes. A new “Summing Up the Key Points” box presents the chapter’s key concepts; a few pages later, a brief “Check Your Understanding” quiz asks students to recap those key concepts. And techniques of outlining and diagramming are presented with visual examples for students to follow as well as diagrams to complete. This e-book contains 217 pages.

Price: $6 only


46.WINGS OF SUCCESS for Today’s Youths

5 ‘Must-Do’ ‘Gotta-Have’ Traits you have to develop before You’re ever gonna be

There are a few…just a VERY few…traits that a person must cultivate and develop in their lives before they can even START to become successful in whatever path they choose. You can think of these traits as the building blocks…the foundation…of your growth into a successful life. You can build a life without them, but, like building a house without a strong foundation, it’ll be put at risk with the first heavy wind or rainstorm. Believe me, you will have a few of those in your life for sure! A very successful businessman and public speaker originally wrote this book in the late 1800s. The author knows what he’s talking about! The text was thoroughly edited and updated to make the language more readable and more current. However, the concepts and “laws” that are discussed in the book are ageless.

 2.  Boosting Self Esteem Guide

 This booklet explains in brief how to be optimistic for happier life, focusing the mind on the positive, overcoming negative thinking, by becoming an optimistic individual how to achieve goals in life.

 3.  How to be the creator of your own life

This booklet explains about law of attraction and alpha male mentality and how to make use of them to create such circumstances to your advantages and benefit.

 4. The essence of Time Management

A chart inspired by Mark Hamilton is explained here briefly so from this chart you can see your entire life, ignoring the possibility of accident or disease, summed up in a chart.

 5. A Guide to Motivation

 Motivation will increase your self-esteem and self-awareness to the extent of bringing the best in you to your maximum advantage.

 6. How to attract anything your want in Life

 It is brief advanced course on law of attraction.

 7. How to become a highly effective Time Manager

 Another effective way to make changes and get results from your time management strategies is to summarize your time use by time category such as: sleep, study, work, travel and so on.

 8. How to become a successful public Speaker

 Put your best foot forward every time! One of the reasons that many people fear taking the podium is because they are afraid of being the focal point of everyone's attention and they don't want to make a fool of themselves. There are several things you can do to "fool-proof" your speaking event so that you present well every single time!

 9. How to boost your self-esteem

 Seven Easy Ways To Develop Self Esteem & Self Confidence

 10.              How to boost your memory power

 When you feel as though your memory is beginning to slip, there are certain exercises that you can use to stimulate your brain and get your memory back in gear.

 11.             How to effectively control your anger

 The process of controlling anger is known as Anger Management. Reducing emotions and internal responses that anger cause, is the goal of anger management. The best approach is to identify the things that provoke your anger, and develop strategies to

keep them from provoking an angry response.

 12.             How to develop your power of concentration

 When you concentrate on a certain thing you turn all the rays of your vibrations on this. Thought is the directing power of all Life's vibrations.

 13.             How to kick bad habits out of your life

 Means and ways to leave or make them to leave the identified bad habits.

 14.             How to overcome Procrastination

 Procrastination is the No. 1 cause of stress in our society today. Throughout history, great thinkers have noted the connection between the failure to take action and the feeling of anxiety.

 15.             Positive Attitude for Unlimited Success

 There is an undeniable link between personal performance, confidence and even health and our positive thoughts. Matching, triggering neuro-chemical and physical responses, increased mental alertness and release of physical energy, improved respiration and circulation, boosts our abilities.

 16.             The Power of Positive Thinking

 Positive thinking can be very powerful and by putting it to work in your life; you can reap the positive benefits.

 17.             Self Improvement made easy

 What you need is a way to kick start the changes that you want to make in your life – and here are the ways to get started today.

 18.             Strategies of Success

 What you need is a way to kick start the changes that you want to make in your life – and here are ten ways to get started today.

This e-book contains 868 pages.

Price: $9 only



One of the major goals of previous editions has been to provide details about the morphology of human teeth that are relevant to the practice of dentistry. The importance of specific anatomical features of a particular tooth to the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases has received very little attention in dental research and hypotheses regarding such associations go untested and remain to be verified by appropriate research. Past assumptions about the relationship between contours and periodontal health continue to be reflected clinically in restored contours that have very little relationship to function or aesthetics. Additional coverage of this subject has been provided in this edition. Relationships between developmental grooves. occlusal relations, pulp chamber and root canal morphology. and the development of cracked teeth and pain (cracked tooth syndrome) remain virtually unresearched. How then does the clinician prevent cusp fracture or approach the restoration of a tooth (e.g.. the distolingual cusp of the mandibular first molar) with silver (amalgam)? Part of the answer must relate to the anatomy of developmental grooves, ocClusal relations. facets of wear, and bruxism. Potential lines of fracture in developmental grooves have been included in tl1'is edition. Of particular interest in this edition are the recent approaches to data concerning standards of human tooth formation and dental age assessment. These kinds of data have relevance to some clinical problems. as well as to other fields. Although the dentition may be the single best indicator of chronological age in juveniles. There are important gaps in available sources of tooth formation chronologies. This e-book contains 485 pages.

Price: $6 only


48.The Portable MBA

The bestselling book that invented the “MBA in a book” category, The Portable MBA Fifth Edition is a reliable and information-packed guide to the business school curriculum and experience. For years, professionals who need MBA-level information and insight-but don’t need the hassle of business school-have turned to the Portable MBA series for the very best, most up-to-date coverage of the business basics. This new revised and expanded edition continues that long tradition with practical, real-world business insight from faculty members from the prestigious Darden School at the University of Virginia. With 50 percent new material, including new chapters on such topics as emerging economies, enterprise risk management, consumer behavior, managing teams, and up-to-date career advice, this is the best Portable MBA ever.

·                  Covers all the core topics you’d learn in business school, including finance, accounting, marketing, economics, ethics, operations management, management and leadership, and strategy.

·                  Every chapter is totally updated and seven new chapters have been added on vital business topics

·                  Includes case studies and interactive web-based examples

Whether you own your own small business or work in a major corporate office, The Portable MBA gives you the comprehensive information and rich understanding of the business world that you need. This e-book contains 381 pages

Price: $4 only


49.A Guide To Memory Increase

The author researched Physical and Mental Health for seventeen years, travelling to North America, Europe, Middle East and other countries in search of more knowledge in the understanding of Physical and Mental Health.  This e-book contains 99 pages.

Price: $4 only


50. Dictionary of Engineering

This encyclopedia provides a compendium of more than 18,000 terms that are central to the various branches of engineering and related fields of science. The coverage in this Second Edition is focused on building construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control systems, design engineering, electricity and electronics, engineering acoustics, industrial engineering, mechanics and mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and thermodynamics. This e-book, containing 655 pages, will serve the needs of scientists, engineers, students, teachers, librarians, and writers for high-quality information, and that it will contribute to scientific literacy and communication.

Price: $9 only


51. Dictionary of Mathematics

This Dictionary of Mathematics provides a compendium of more than 5000 terms that are central to mathematics and statistics but may also be encountered in virtually any field of science and engineering. The coverage in this book includes branches of mathematics taught at the secondary school, college, and university levels, such as algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and vector analysis, group theory, and topology, as well as statistics. This e-book contains 316 pages.

Price: $4 only


52. Encyclopedia of World History – Volume 5

This is an encyclopedia on World History volume 5 containing 503 pages

Price: $3 only


53. Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws and Theories (2 Volumes Set)


The purpose of this encyclopedia is to present in two volumes a historical aspect for the important principles, laws, theories, hypotheses, and concepts that reflect this amazing progression of scientific descriptions and explanations of nature. This encyclopedia is designed for the high school and college-level student as well as for the general reader who has an interest in science. Physical laws are generalized factual principles that describe how things behave in nature under a variety of circumstances. Scientific principles are similar general statements about nature as are scientific laws. A scientific principle of nature must be objective and universal. Principles are not xxvi Introduction dependent on the views or statement of individuals but must be true from all points of view and true from all points of reference in the universe. Scientific theories are a type of model designed as general explanatory statements about the workings of nature. A hypothesis is a logical and rational explanation of a series of critical observations that have not yet been disproved or proved, nor accepted by the scientific community. This e-book consists of 2 volumes and 965 pages.

Price: $6 only


54. International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 12 Volumes Set

The International Encyclopedia of Human Geography provides an authoritative and comprehensive source of information on the discipline of human geography and its constituent, and related, subject areas. The encyclopedia includes over 1,000 detailed entries on philosophy and theory, key concepts, methods and practices, biographies of notable geographers, and geographical thought and praxis in different parts of the world. This groundbreaking project covers every field of human geography and the discipline's relationships to other disciplines, and is global in scope, involving an international set of contributors. Given its broad, inclusive scope and unique online accessibility, it is anticipated that the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography will become the major reference work for the discipline over the coming decades. This e-book contains 8250 pages.

Price: $9 only


55. TOEFL BT Internet based Test 2006-2007

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is now being offered as an internet-based test, or IBT, and the new edition of Barron’s TOEFL manual and accompanying software have been completely revised and updated to reflect the new format. The manual presents seven full-length model TOEFL iBT tests with explanations or examples for all questions, including sample essays and speaking responses. The author also offers general orientation to the new TOEFL iBT, as well as a review of academic skills, which include note taking, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing. There is also a review of language kills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The optional CD-ROM presents seven on-screen TOEFL iBT exams that simulate actual test conditions and provide automatic scoring.

Price: $3 only


56. The Pursuit of Excellence through Education

The nine chapters in this book represent a wide range of view-points on the pursuit of excellence. For example, Chapters in Part 1 are framed in terms of an individual excellence, including how individual differences in abilities, motivation, perceived self-efficacy, and cognitive development affect one’s chances of achieving academic excellence. This e-book contains 268 pages

Price: $5 only


57. Bioinformatics for Dummies

This is an excellent e-book for beginners. The purpose of this book is to show you quickly and plainly how to use the bioinformatics programmes that you need to get the work done. On every page, we give you tricks and treats to get the most out of the existing tools the bioinformatics we show you in this book can save you months of works in the lab at the minute cost of a few hours of yours with your computer. Although you will find technical and scientific jargons in this book, we will make you to understand with clarity with the help of internet and so also we will make you to use the most sophisticated programmes absolutely free thro’ internet for which you are in here for many more surprises. The specialty of this e-book: Study this e-book with internet connection, so that you will be in surprise with the way you are made to learn the subject with clarity and in depth with practical experiments done at your place itself. This e-book contains 453 pages.

Price: $5 only


58. Oxford English Dictionary for Information Technology

This e-book containing 225 printable pages, is published by Oxford Press. This course is designed for the people studying Information Technology and computing, or working in the I.T.sector. It is suitable for universities, technical school and adult educational programmes, with intermediate to advanced level students who want to improve and extend their language skills in the context of Information Technology.

Price: $3 only

59. Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytical Geometry

The classic edition of this e-book is a special version written for professors seeking to teach a traditional course which requires only a scientific calculator. The first chapter contains a summary of some basic algebra topics. Second chapter deals with equations and inequalities are solved algebraically. The third chapter deals with two dimensional graphs and functions  The fourth chapter begins with a discussion of polynomial functions and some polynomial theory. The chapter five is with regard to inverse fuctions which are the first topic of discussion by several sections that deal with exponential and logarithmic functions. Next chapter 6 deal with angles which are the first topic. The Chapter 7 consists mostly of trigonometric identities, formulas and equations. In chapter 8 the law of sines and the law of cosines are used to solve oblique triangles. Chapter 9 is with regard to systems of inequalities and linear programming, matrices and determinants and partial fractions. The chapter 10 begins with a discussion of sequesnces. Sections on the parbola, ellipse and hyperbola begin in the chapter 11. This e-book contains 921 pages.

Price: $5 only

60. Electronics Symplified

This e-book satisfied the need for a book that deals with the aim and methods of electronics without going into too much detail about practical circuitry, and with the minimum of simple mathematics. This edition covers: Electricity, waves and pulses, passive components, active components and integrated circuits, linear circuits, block and circuit diagrams, how traditional radio works, disc and tap recording, elements of television, digital signals, gating and logic circuits counting and correcting, compact disc system and beyond, microprocessors, calculators, and computers, computers and peripherals, computer construction and software, digital television and radio,  and miscellaneous systems. This e-book contains 362 pages.

Price: $3 only

61.Engineering Fundamentals: An introduction to Engineering


This book is organized into six parts and 20 chapters. Each chapter begins by stating its objectives and concludes by summarizing what the reader should have gained from studying that chapter. I have included enough material for two semester-long courses. The reason for this approach is to give the instructor sufficient materials and the flexibility to choose specific topics to meet his or her needs. Relevant, everyday examples with which students can associate easily are provided in each chapter. Many of the problems at the conclusion of each chapter are hands-on, requiring the student to gather and analyze information. Moreover, information collection and proper utilization of that information are encouraged in this book by asking students to do a number of assignments that require information gathering by using the Internet as well as employing traditional methods. Many of the problems at the end of each chapter require students to make brief reports so that they learn that successful engineers need to have good written and oral communication skills. This e-book contains 720 pages.

Price: $9 only

62. How to Research


This book focuses on the processes of research as well as research methods. It aims to demystify research, recognizing the everyday skills and techniques involved. It encourages you to think of research as a kind of spiral through which you revisit the various stages of the process, but always with different and developed insights. The book is multidisciplinary in scope. It is designed to be suitable for those undertaking research in the social sciences, as well as in related subjects such as education, business studies and health and social care. This e-book contains 306 pages.

Price: $5 only


63. How to get Ph.D


This book has grown out of EMP’s own PhD research, a continuing series of studies of research students, our experience of supervising and examining doctoral students and the seminar on the process of PhD-getting In fact, The gratifying response to the previous editions of this book testifies to the need of research students and their supervisors to understand the processes of effective doctoral education. conducted by DSP for a number of years at the London Business School and subsequently by both of us at the Open University. This e-book contains 275 pages.

Price: $5 only


64. How to Research and get Ph.D (2 Volumes)


The first volume focuses on the processes of research as well as research methods. It aims to demystify research, recognizing the everyday skills and techniques involved. It encourages you to think of research as a kind of spiral through which you revisit the various stages of the process, but always with different and developed insights. The book is multidisciplinary in scope. It is designed to be suitable for those undertaking research in the social sciences, as well as in related subjects such as education, business studies and health and social care. The second volume has grown out of EMP’s own PhD research, a continuing series of studies of research students, our experience of supervising and examining doctoral students and the seminar on the process of PhD-getting In fact, The gratifying response to the previous editions of this book testifies to the need of research students and their supervisors to understand the processes of effective doctoral education. conducted by DSP for a number of years at the London Business School and subsequently by both of us at the Open University. The e-book contains 581 pages.

Price: $9 only

65 Vedic Mathematics : The History, Discoveries, and the Sutras

This e-booklet just gives a glimpse of Vedas and Vedic mathematics just to have an idea of the subject and contains 51 pages.

Price: $2 only



66.Calculus For Dummies

The mere thought of having to take a required calculus course is enough to make legions of students break out in a cold sweat. Others who have no intention of ever studying the subject have this notion that calculus is impossibly difficult unless you happen to be a direct descendant of Einstein.Well, the good news is that you can master calculus. It's not nearly as tough as its mystique would lead you to think. Much of calculus is really just very advanced algebra, geometry, and trig. It builds upon and is a logical extension of those subjects. If you can do algebra, geometry, and trig, you can do calculus.Calculus For Dummies is intended for three groups of readers:Students taking their first calculus course – If you're enrolled in a calculus course and you find your textbook less than crystal clear, this is the book for you. It covers the most important topics in the first year of calculus: differentiation, integration, and infinite series.Students who need to brush up on their calculus to prepare for other studies – If you've had elementary calculus, but it's been a couple of years and you want to review the concepts to prepare for, say, some graduate program, Calculus For Dummies will give you a thorough, no-nonsense refresher course.Adults of all ages who'd like a good introduction to the subject – Non-student readers will find the book's exposition clear and accessible. Calculus For Dummies takes calculus out of the ivory tower and brings it down to earth.This is a user-friendly math book. Whenever possible, the author explains the calculus concepts by showing you connections between the calculus ideas and easier ideas from algebra and geometry. Then, you'll see how the calculus concepts work in concrete examples. All explanations are in plain English, not math-speak. Calculus For Dummies covers the following topics and more:Real-world examples of calculusThe two big ideas of calculus: differentiation and integrationWhy calculus worksPre-algebra and algebra reviewCommon functions and their graphsLimits and continuityIntegration and approximating areaSequences and seriesDon't buy the misconception. Sure calculus is difficult – but it's manageable, doable. You made it through algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Well, calculus just picks up where they leave off – it's simply the next step in a logical progression.


This e-book contains 380 pages.

This is an e-book and this e-book will be written in a CD and the CD will be sent.

Price: $4 only