96. Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing


There is a need for a resource that focuses on writing for publication that discusses the   components of a manuscript, types of manuscripts, and the submission process. This groundbreaking book fills that need and includes information on how to develop writing skills by offering guidance on becoming an excellent manuscript reviewer and outlining what makes a good review. It shows how to craft scholarly papers and other writing suitable for submission to academic journals. The book offers on developing a manuscript suitable for publication in scholarly journals including tips on follow through with editors, rejection, and rewrites and re-submittals. This is an E-BOOK. This e-book contains 357 pages.

Price: $5 only


97. Indian Delightful Vegetarian recipes***

This CD contains the following items:-

1. South Indian delights from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

2. Punjabi Dishes

3. Maharashtrian and other North Indian popular mouth watering items.

4. Famous West Bengal sweets.

5. Most popular Chinese Vegan recipes.

6. Popular American vegetarian recipes.

7. European famous veg items

8. African delights.

9. Other Asian vegetarian recipes.

10. An exclusive article on Etiquette and Table Manners.

You will find more than 100 videos in the CD for preparation of Indian Vegetarian items, especially of South India Vegetarian items preparation

Price: $6 only

98. Job Hunting After 50

This book cannot guarantee you a job. It can, however, give you the guidance necessary to conduct a successful job hunt. You can be sure the tips and techniques presented will leave you better prepared for your job search and well on your way to finding a new job. Commit the necessary time to finding a job, but work smarter by following the principles laid out in Job Hunting After 50. This e-book contains 241 pages.

Price: $3 only


99. Make Your First $100 from the Internet Today


The author shows you, in this book-let, how easy it is to get your first $100 today, In fact the author shows you some screen shots of exactly what he did, to earn that much in just 37 minutes. What he wants to do is to demonstrate in a very practical way how MILLIONS of people are searching through the Internet every second of every day, looking for something that you can offer and sell to them. The author will show you another simple method to build a continuing ongoing recurring income that comes in day after day whether you’re working or not. The system he is going to show you is very very simple, and you can always use it to pick up some extra cash. This e-book contains 71 pages.

Price: $2 only

100. Making Music with Mobile Devices.


Table of Contents


Part I: Shelter seek: so you can find your home

Selecting an empowering environment

The face of emotions

Home hunting

Shelter seeking today

Part II: Care solicit: so you can protect your vulnerabilities

Protecting your vulnerabilities

The benefits of vulnerability

The importance of ghost busters

Care soliciting today

Part III: Care give: so you can develop the future

Developing the future

I gave at the office

Care giving today

Part IV: Beautify: so you can pull people toward you

Pulling people toward you

Beautify today

Broadly attractive

Part V: Co-op: so you can get people working together

Team game

Interaction : play ball!

Stimulating cooperation

Co-op today

Part VI: Curious: so you can stay ahead of the pack

Accelerating your learning

Becoming a curious George/Georgette

Curiosity every day

Curiosity satisfied.

This e-book contains 269 pages

Price: $5 only



101. Modern Baker: Time-Saving Techniques for Breads, Tarts, Pies, Cakes and Cookies


A collection of 150 simple step-by-step recipes that still have gourmet appeal, The Modern Baker strives to bring you baking success with the bulk of the preparation taking under one hour. Nick Malgieri distills years of teaching and experience into these detailed recipes for virtually every savory or sweet yeast bread, quick bread, muffin, pastry, dough, and batter. Recipes are thorough and include descriptions of how batters and doughs are supposed to appear at each stage of preparation. The Modern Baker is as necessary and essential as a good oven; Nick Malgieri leads cooks through the simple art of creating an international assortment of delicious sweet and savory baked goods, interweaving techniques and helpful sidebars. 

Sample recipe from The Modern Baker: Chocolate Almond and Amaretti Cake

Once fall arrives and the flood of summer fruit and berries dwindles to a trickle, I start to think of using nuts in baking. The new crop of nuts begins to reach stores in the early fall and I love to start using them right away when they’re at their peak of freshness and flavor. This chocolate almond and amaretti cake is a perfect vehicle for enjoying the lush sweetness of that newly harvested crop of almonds. Nuts and chocolate are always a great combination, and this rich and delicate cake showcases them particularly well. The presence of the ground amaretti cookies, made from exotic wild apricot kernels, provides a slight bitter almond perfume that pleasantly heightens the flavor and aroma of the almonds in the cake. One taste and you won’t miss those peaches and blueberries at all. This e-book contains 328 pages

Price: $3 only

102. Our Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies

 This book  is a popular introduction to Dark Plasma Theory which discusses mounting evidence that Earth may be sitting inside a halo of exotic dark matter particles in the plasma state i.e. "dark plasma". This dark halo is believed to have provided the habitat for dark plasma life forms to evolve, including entities that we have loosely identified as ghosts, aliens and angels. Dark Plasma Theory provides a scientific framework to study these exotic life forms, some of which have formed symbiotic relationships with humans and co-evolved with them.  "There's nothing parapsychological/paranormal about it, we just haven't had the science to explain it until now." Amazon Books Reviewer.
This book differs from other accounts of invisible bodies, (such as descriptions of ‘astral’ and ‘etheric’ bodies in the general metaphysical literature) and features such as ‘chakras’ (or vortexes) and meridians (or filaments) described in New Age books. It is grounded in mainstream physics and treats these bodies and the universes they inhabit as phenomenon which can be explained by extending mainstream physics. It is not only descriptive but analytical in nature; citing, wherever relevant, both scientific
and metaphysical evidence. It goes in-depth to explain the anatomy and physiology of our invisible (higher energy) bodies. In doing so, numerous exciting correlations have been discovered. Using the model outlined by the author, traditional metaphysical and paranormal theories are recast, using an internally consistent framework based on mainstream physics.
This e-book contains 228 pages

Price: $9 only


103. Art of Perfect Presentations

It contains two volumes.Perfect Your Presentations looks at all of the ingredients of a truly great presentation, from the research to the content, the skills involved in presenting it, and the feedback weeks after the big day. It tells you how to conquer stage fright and reach and grip an audience; Whether you are a seasoned professional aiming to add polish to your presentation, or a nervous newcomer wondering how to get through it, you will find the information you need. With tips and examples drawn from some of the best presenters anywhere, this book has what you need to add impact to informal briefings, or to add a professional gloss to a highprofile performance. The subjects covered include research and planning, the delicate area of humor, the organization of your material, how to read an audience’s mood and interact effectively with your audience, and how to disarm and deal with hecklers. This e-book contains 173 pages.

Price: $3 only


104. Point, Click, and Save: Mashup Mom’s Guide to Saving and Making Money Online

“This groundbreaking book is for anyone who is or has been married and those who counsel married couples.  Brandon paints a clear picture of what can be done to reset the course toward “succulent monogamy.’” –Alan M. Altman, MD

Filled with up-to-date information on the newest technologies—texting, mobile applications, and social networks—this guide shows money-conscious web users how to make money and save big during a recession. Providing savvy advice and innovative ideas, this manual instructs how to locate hundreds of money-saving coupons and deals online, comparison shop like the pros, save for retirement or college, develop multiple legitimate money-making channels online, and involve the whole family by making it fun. An excellent resource for stay-at-home and work-at-home moms and dads, this comprehensive guide offers unique ways to save money, build a career, and bring income into the family. This e-book contains 201 pages

Price: $3 only



The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone gives you new and exciting ways to make money from your interests, insights, and inventions. With the phenomenon of open source innovation? It’s easier than ever to turn your ideas and expertise into profits. This book shows how lone inventors are being supplanted by everyday experts using blogs, virtual communities, and micro-businesses to bring ideas and inventions to fruition. Whether you just want to make a few extra dollars or start a new business, this handy inventor?s guide points the way. This e-book contains 218 pages

Price: $3 only

106. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a treasure — an elegant and powerful formula for true success and happiness. Robin S. Sharma has captured the wisdom of the ages and made it relevant for these turbulent times. You will not put it down till you finish. The author has created an enchanting tale that incorporates the classic tools of transformation into a simple philosophy of living. A delightful book that will change your life. This e-book contains 208 pages.

Price: $2 only

107. The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game


THE MULTIPLAYER CLASSROOM: DESIGNING COURSEWORK AS A GAME is a how-to guide to creating games for the classroom to better reach today’s students. The book shows the reader how to create a teaching tool that will engage and excite students by using styles and formats found in popular video games. Readers will learn how to create a variety of multiplayer games on any subject, following the techniques and case studies presented. Bring your classroom into the 21st century! This e-book contains 305 pages

Price: $5 only



108. The Only Leadership Book You will ever need


If you desire to be the type of leader who creates an environment where your employees love to come to work and your customers love doing business, The Only Leadership Book You’ll Ever Need is the book for you. In The Only Leadership Book You’ll Ever Need, you will learn about the 10 key attributes that differentiate Best-of-the-Best organizations (those in the top quartile) from the other three-quarters of the companies that comprise the rest of the pack (Chapter 2). You will read about the 11 stupid things managers do to undermine workplace excellence (Chapter 4), and what can be done to recover from those mistakes and move into a positive leadership role (Chapter 5). We’ll share the techniques that leaders can use to single-handedly make a difference, even in the most difficult situations. Finally, we’ll give you 76 strategies to achieve workplace excellence (Chapter 6). We have watched our clients use them and have measured their success. We know these strategies work! This e-book contains 225 pages.

Price: $3 only


109. The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss

Combining modern genetic science and evolutionary biology, The Primal Blueprint dispels a number of the myths that modern medicine and conventional wisdom have come to accept as fact. Author Mark Sisson takes the reader on a fascinating journey through human evolution, comparing the life and robust health of our hunter-gatherer ancestors with a day in the life of a modern family – exposing potential health issues that arise from trying to do the right things living in the 21st century.Sisson offers a solution in 10 empowering “Blueprint Lifestyle Laws” that can help us reprogram our genes away from disease and pain towards a direction of effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy. The reader learns how the right high-fat diet can actually help one lose weight; how popular low-fat, grain-based diets might trigger illness, disease, and lifelong weight gain; why doing too much cardio exercise might actually suppress the immune system and how some of today’s most common medications might make a health condition even worse.This e-book contains 430 pages


Price: $3 only

110. The Witchcraft Black Magic Codex


This book is for those, who are seriously interested in black magic. People with prejudices and the mob should stay away from here: they would only toddle in darkness and be highly indignant. The described black magic rituals are not without danger and are consequently unsuitable for people who are not mentally in good constitution. Take heed to follow all instructions the way they are described. Without the necessary precautions every ritual will turn to your disadvantage, confusion and total destruction. On the contrary, by following the instructions with precision, you will achieve a complete success in all your enterprises. This e-book contains 200 pages.

Price: $3 only


111. Thinking Styles


In our society, the recognition of talent depends largely on idealized and entrenched perceptions of academic achievement and job performance. In Thinking Styles,the author, a psychologist,  argues that ability often goes unappreciated and uncultivated not because of lack of talent, but because of conflicting styles of thinking and learning. Using a variety of examples that range from scientific studies to personal anecdotes, the author presents a theory of thinking styles that aims to explain why aptitude tests, school grades, and classroom performance often fail to identify real ability. He believes that criteria for intelligence in both school and the workplace are unfortunately based on the ability to conform rather than to learn. He takes this theory a step farther by stating that "achievement" can be a result of the compatability of personal and institutional thinking styles, and "failure" is too often a result of a conflict of thinking styles, rather than a lack of intelligence or aptitude. The author presents his revolutionary ideas in a way that is accessible to any educated reader. This provocative book suggests a real change in how we measure achievement and will inspire educators, employers, and parents alike.
"The author is a prolific and insightful writer. The ideas contained in this book may be useful to educators, employers, and psychologists. The information provided may help those in a position to make decisions about the value of others' contributions more aware of stylistic differences that may have a great deal of impact on performance, but have very little to do with ability[and] may help sensitize people to recognize the value of differences in mental self-government to help capitalize on those differences." Contemporary Psychology
"The author's examples are vivid and practicalSternberg manages a clear, relatively jargon-free style and has organized his material in a user-friendly way." The Providence Sunday Journal
"The author's ideas are provocativeThey help explain why some of the very brightest kids flourish only after they've left their days of drab schooling far behind." Teacher Magazine
"A very readable book, which should interest a wide audience including upper-division undergraduates in education, psychology, and sociology." G.C. Gamst, Choice
"This is a thoughtfully constructed book that undertakes a fresh look at cognitive styles.The book is enjoyable and essential for all students, educators, employers, researchers and others interested in cognition and intelligence." Roseanne L. Flores, Readings
"In this stimulating and thought-provoking book, one of today's best-known psychologists provides a fascinating discussion of the many different ways people think and work today." Library and Information Science Annual. This e-book contains 192 pages

Price: $3 only



112. Thrive on Pressure: Lead and Succeed When Times Get Tough

When the going gets tough, you get going! Author Graham Jones, Ph.D., whose work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, shows you how to excel when the chips are down and use pressure to your advantage. With his successful program, you’ll learn how to: • Manage stress • Develop strong self-belief • Improve mental outlook • Channel motivation into tangible goals • Refine your focus. If you have the guts to make a real difference in your organization, you’re ready to Thrive on Pressure and produce positive results for you and your team! This e-book contains 241 pages.

Price: $3 only


113. Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love


Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love consists of moving narratives about end of life and grief. These personal histories are complemented by practical guidelines for those caring for their loved ones through the last stages of life. For those who are grieving, the true-to-life-stories demonstrate how others have navigated through the tidal wave of emotions and reactions that characterize the grief process. For health care professionals and those who are offering support to grievers, Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love provides a new perspective on the challenges of caring for the dying and living with grief. Hundreds of poignant, touching, loving, humorous personal experiences address readers’ concerns and curiosity about how others have faced life’s final chapter with love and dignity. Specific issues include talking about death, hospice, funerals, grieving, and celebrating life. The book empowers readers by bringing compassion and awareness to end of life issues, providing examples of loving care at the moment of death, illuminating uncharted territory, demonstrating how others cope, demystifying the grief process, and inspiring hope. This e-book contains 233 pages

Price: $3 only


114. Seasons of our Lives


The moment you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to know whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you, and how long this season will last. You’ll be able thus to act accordingly: if there is a storm on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in time; if sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage of it before the opportunity passes. In short, you’ll be able to take crucial decisions regarding your career, marriage, family, relationships, and all other life’s issues. This e-book contains 199 pages.

Price: $2 only


115. Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success & Performance at Work


Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful, and if we are more successful, then we’ll be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This isn’t just an empty mantra. This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology and neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe. In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, who spent over a decade living, researching, and lecturing at Harvard University, draws on his own research—including one of the largest studies of happiness and potential at Harvard and others at companies like UBS and KPMG—to fix this broken formula. Using stories and case studies from his work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives in 42 countries, Achor explains how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work. Isolating seven practical, actionable principles that have been tried and tested everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms, stretching from Argentina to Zimbabwe, he shows us how we can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage to improve our performance and maximize our potential. Among the principles he outlines: The Tetris Effect: how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see—and seize—opportunities wherever we look.The Zorro Circle: how to channel our efforts on small, manageable goals, to gain the leverage to gradually conquer bigger and bigger ones.Social Investment: how to reap the dividends of investing in one of the greatest predictors of success and happiness—our social support network A must-read for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, The Happiness Advantage isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives. This e-book contains 225 page

Price: $3 only



116. Shape of Life : Genes, Development and the Evolution


The Author is recognized as a pioneer in evolutionary developmental biology. In this book, the author analyzes the rise of this new experimental discipline and lays out new research questions, hypotheses, and approaches to guide its development. The author developmental mechanisms and evolutionary patterns. Animal body plans emerged half a billion years ago. Evolution within these body plans during this span of time has resulted in the tremendous diversity of living animal form, and argues for an integrated approach to the study of the intertwined roles of development and evolution involving phylogenetic, comparative, and functional biology. This new synthesis will interest not only scientists working in these areas, but also paleontologists, zoologists, morphologists, molecular biologists, and geneticists. This e-book contains 538 pages

Price: $6 only

117. Technology and Science in Ancient Civilizations

Why did the Greeks excel in geometry, but lag begin the Mesopotamians in arithmetic? How were the great pyramids of Egypt and the Han tombs in China constructed? What did the complex system of canals and dykes in the Tigris and Euphrates river valley have to do with the deforestation of Lebanon’s famed cedar forests? This work presents a cross-cultural comparison of the ways in which the ancients learned about and preserved their knowledge of the natural world, and the ways in which they developed technologies that enabled them to adapt to and shape their surroundings. Covering the major ancient civilizations - those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, the Indus Valley, and Meso-America - Olson explores how language and numbering systems influenced the social structure, how seemingly beneficial construction projects affected a civilization’s rise or decline, how religion and magic shaped both medicine and agriculture, and how trade and the resulting cultural interactions transformed the making of both everyday household items and items intended as art. Along the way, Olson delves into how scientific knowledge and its technological applications changed the daily lives of the ancients. This is an e-book containing 276 pages

Price: $5 only


118. The Expanding Circle: Ethics, Evolution, and Moral Progress


What is ethics? Where do moral standards come from? Are they based on emotions, reason, or some innate sense of right and wrong? For many scientists, the key lies entirely in biology–especially in Darwinian theories of evolution and self-preservation. But if evolution is a struggle for survival, why are we still capable of altruism?

In his classic study The Expanding Circle, Peter Singer argues that altruism began as a genetically based drive to protect one’s kin and community members but has developed into a consciously chosen ethic with an expanding circle of moral concern. Drawing on philosophy and evolutionary psychology, he demonstrates that human ethics cannot be explained by biology alone. Rather, it is our capacity for reasoning that makes moral progress possible. In a new afterword, Singer takes stock of his argument in light of recent research on the evolution of morality. This e-book contains 208 pages

Price: $2 only


119. The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology


Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful, and if we are more successful, then we’ll be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This isn’t just an empty mantra. This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology and neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe.  In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, who spent over a decade living, researching, and lecturing at Harvard University, draws on his own research—including one of the largest studies of happiness and potential at Harvard and others at companies like UBS and KPMG—to fix this broken formula. Using stories and case studies from his work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives in 42 countries, Achor explains how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work.  Isolating seven practical, actionable principles that have been tried and tested everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms, stretching from Argentina to Zimbabwe, he shows us how we can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage to improve our performance and maximize our potential. Among the principles he outlines:

The Tetris Effect: how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see—and seize—opportunities wherever we look.The Zorro Circle: how to channel our efforts on small, manageable goals, to gain the leverage to gradually conquer bigger and bigger ones.Social Investment: how to reap the dividends of investing in one of the greatest predictors of success and happiness—our social support network

A must-read for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, The Happiness Advantage isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives. This e-book contains 225 pages

Price: $3 only


120. The Infant System


How came you to think of the Infant School system of teaching? This is a question that I have often been asked; and my friends think it advisable that it should, in part at least, be answered. I proceed therefore, in compliance with their wishes, to give some little of the required information in this place, as perhaps it may throw light upon, or explain more clearly, the fundamental principles laid down and advocated throughout this volume. This e-book contains 265 pages

Price: $2 only


121. Ultimate IQ Test Book: 1,000 Practice Test Questions to Boost Your Brain Power


The Ultimate IQ Test Book is the biggest book of IQ practice tests available. Written and compiled by IQ-test experts, it contains 1000 practice questions organized into 25 tests, with a simple guide to assessing individual performance. The questions themselves are very similar to those faced by candidates in actual IQ tests. They are multi-discipline and include verbal, numerical, and diagrammatic reasoning questions, so that readers can practice on all the different types of questions they are likely to encounter. Working through the questions can help anyone improve their vocabulary and develop powers of calculation and logical reasoning. By studying the different types of test and recognizing the different types of questions, readers can improve their test scores and increase their IQ rating. The Ultimate IQ Test Book is valuable to those who have to take an IQ test, but it’s also great fun for anyone who likes to stretch their mind for their own entertainment. This e-book contains 305 pages

Price: $3 only



122. Usability Testing Essentials: Ready, Set…Test!


Carol Barnum’s Usability Testing Essentials delivers just what the title promises. Readers who are new to usability studies will find here all they need to know to design and execute a test, analyze the test data, and provide an effective report with recommendations for clients. But even usability experts will find the book chock full of ideas, insights, and suggestions that will improve their practice and their teaching in this increasingly important area of study. Barnum’s expertise on the subject shines through on every page, but the book’s greatest strength is its careful attention to analyzing test results—a topic   that earlier texts have tended to gloss over much too quickly. The e-book contains 405 pages.

Price: $3 only


123. The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to sell your ideas


As you read through the book, you will notice an underlying structure: Woo represents a step-by-step movement from you and your ideas toward your audience and its needs. When you succeed, your audience stops being "the other" and starts being your partner-in-persuasion. That is because, when relationships matter, you cannot force anyone to accept anything you say. You can only help people to persuade themselves. The book begins in chapter 1 by defining our target. Next, chapter 2 helps you see exactly what persuasion skills and aptitudes you bring to the table. Chapters 3 through 9 present the balance of our systematic planning process for practicing Woo. Woo is not about setting high-level strategies to defeat opponents in a competitive world. But if you are trying to win people over rather than defeat them, we offer The Art of Woo.This e-book contains 314 pages.

Price: $3 only

124. The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin


The sole object of this work is to consider, firstly, whether man, like every other species, is descended from some pre-existing form; secondly, the manner of his development; and thirdly, the value of the differences between the so-called races of man. This work contains hardly any original facts in regard to man; but as the conclusions at which I arrived, after drawing up a rough draft, appeared to me interesting, I thought that they might interest others. It has often and confidently been asserted, that man's origin can never be known: but ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. The conclusion that man is the co-descendant with other species of some ancient, lower, and extinct form, is not in any degree new. This e-book contains 488 pages.

Price: $3 only



125. Emotional Intelligence


In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack.

By now, emotional intelligence (EQ) needs little introduction—it’s no secret that EQ is critical to your success. But knowing what EQ is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your EQ via four, core EQ skills that enable you to achieve your fullest potential:

1) Self-Awareness
2) Self-Management
3) Social Awareness
4) Relationship Management

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is a book with a single purpose—increasing your EQ. Here’s what people are saying about it:

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 succinctly explains how to deal with emotions creatively and employ our intelligence in a beneficial way.”
—The Dalai Lama

“A fast read with compelling anecdotes and good context in which to understand and improve.”

“Gives abundant, practical findings and insights with emphasis on how to develop EQ.”
—Stephen R. Covey

“This book can drastically change the way you think about success…read it twice.”

This e-book contains 79 pages.

Price: $2 only


126. Encyclopedia of Humour


H e r e are nearly three thousand of my all-time favorite anecdotes, jokes, and witty comments about virtually every topic u n d e r the sun. I trust that they will be of value to you as you meet and communicate with others--whatever your vocation may be. Laughter is a powerful force, a n d it is yours to use whether you are a minister, a public speaker, a teacher, a salesman, an office worker, a psychologist, or a plumber!       T h e laughter encouraged by this collection is supportive of h u m a n dignity. It is life-affirming and life-giving. And it is, to borrow a word from religion, prophetic. It comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. It ennobles our spirits and extends our love to others.  And, above all, it's fun! So r e m e m b e r four simple words:  Live. Love. Laugh. Bloom!

Price: $2 only


129. Encyclopedia of Paper Holding Designs


It contains various design which can be made out of paper for different occasions  This e-book contains 122 pages.

Price: $2 only



The interpretation of dreams was intended as an expedient to facilitate the psychological analysis of the neuroses; but since then a profounder understanding of the neuroses has contributed towards the comprehension of the dream. The doctrine of dream interpretation itself has evolved in a direction which was insufficiently emphasized in this book. This e-book contains 402 pages.

Price: $2 only

131. Metaphysics of Evolution

What conclusions do the facts of cosmic and organic evolution require or permit on the origin and destiny of the world and the individual? From 1881 to 1925 Thomas Whittaker, an Oxford-trained scientist turned philosopher, grappled with this question, which he tried to answer by metaphysical interpretation of the sciences. The majority of the essays in this volume first appeared in Mind, and a few in other journals, while three had not been previously published. Whittaker ranges widely over some of the most daring theories of the past, from the early centuries of the common era (including Apollonius of Tyana and Origen), to the middle ages (including John Scotus Erigena and Nicholas of Cusa), the renaissance (Giordano Bruno, Shakespeare) and the early modern period. Whittaker’s own view is that hypothesis and imagination are legitimate aids in the search for truth in both science and philosophy in a new synthesis. This e-book contains 175 pages.

Price: $3 only

Price: $3 only

132. Prophesies of Nostradamus

In the first volume you will find fine presentation of Nostradamus prophesies and in the second volume you find the true translation of Nostradamus prophesies. This e-book contains 248 pages.


133. Occult Science in India


This is neither a doctrinal book nor a work of criticism. We are not called upon to decide, either for or against, the belief in spirits, either mediating or inspiring, which was held by all who had been initiated in the temples of antiquity, which is to-day the keystone of the philosophical and religious instruction of the Brahmins, and to which many of our Western thinkers and scientists seem inclined to assent. Being neither an advocate of this belief, nor the opposite, we are, on that account, better able to write its history. An ardent partisan would have been too credulous, and would have taken everything upon trust. A rabid opponent would have made it his business to disparage and discredit it. We shall give the words themselves, and set forth things as they actually were; we shall interpret and explain the Agrouchada-parikchai, which is the philosophical compendium of the Hindu spiritists; we shall tell what we saw with our own eyes, and shall faithfully record such explanations as we received from the Brahmins. We shall pay particular attention to the phenomena which the Fakirs produce at will, which some regard as the manifestations of a superior intervention, and others look upon as the result of a shrewd charlatanism. Upon this point we have but a word to say. The facts which are simply magnetic are indisputable, extraordinary as they may seem. As to the facts which are purely spiritual, we were only able to explain those in which we participated, either as actor or spectator, upon the hypothesis that we were the victims of hallucination--unless we are willing to admit that there was an occult intervention. We shall describe things just as we saw them, without taking sides in the dispute. This e-book contains 245 Pages.

Price: $5 only


134.Penetrate the soul with a kiss : How to use your 5 senses to make anyone fall in love with you


This book is a quick summary of how to achieve real seduction. I’ll be using a simple thematic “map” to show you how it’s done: your five senses! I’ll teach you how to penetrate the soul of the one you want, via sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. You can use the five senses as a starting point in understanding how to find, get and keep your dream mate. This e-booklet contains 65 pages.

Price: $2 only

135. The Meanings of Love: An introduction to Philosophy of Love


This book is about an intermediate realm between the two extremes —where discrete meanings can be identified and where these different meanings affect the way we think about love and how we experience love. The intermediate is after all the realm of the common. Love is what we have in common, yet we have to come to terms with the differences in our understanding and learn to live with them. This e-book contains 160 pages.

Price: $2 only

136. Food recipes for Joy in Life


This book has all that. It also has humorous anecdotes that should make you smile. It is based on my trips away from my place of birth. It features suggestions for meals as well as parties. It has my experience in it. It starts out slowly but proceeds to achieve the ultimate growth possible. It is not the ultimate cookbook, but one that you will enjoy as part of your collection. Most important, it will be useful and it will be a good teaching tool. This e-book contains 259 pages.

Price: $3 only

137.The Science of being Great


THERE is a Principle of Power in every person. By the intelligent use and direction of this principle, man can develop his own mental faculties. Man has an inherent

power by which he may grow in whatsoever direction he pleases, and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth. No man has yet become so great in any faculty but that it is possible for someone else to become greater. The possibility is in the Original Substance from which man is made. This e-book is like an advisory book combined with Christian philosophy. This e-book contains 118 pages.

Price: $2 only

138. The Speed Reading Mastery


Speed reading basically covers two areas: reading and comprehension. These go hand in hand. It is useless to study speed reading if you have trouble in absorbing information. You should already be an able reader before you try to speed read. Speed reading will not help you if you have problems in understanding the meaning of the words. To be able to enjoy the full benefits of speed reading, you must have the necessary facilities in understanding college-level materials. This e-booklet contains 60 pages.

Price: $2 only


139 The Supernatural : Explaining the Unexplained


This is a no-nonsense book, clearing up misconceptions and calling things by their proper names and avoiding anything based only on belief, disbelief, or religious or quasi-religious ideas. The approach will be open-minded and definitely frank, not based on any preconceived notions, but on hard evidence, no matter how strange some of that evidence may seem to people not familiar with the way evidence is obtained. In the end, the supernatural is that portion of the natural world we will all fully understand some day not too distant in the future. Here is a book giving you advance information with practical applications for now. This e-book contains 220 pages.

Price: $3 only


 140. The Technology Too-belt for Teaching


This e-book includes 50+ fresh and useful technological tools for teaching. A decision matrix for choosing and using the right tools and examples for using each too in higher education and k-12. This e-book is written for the broadest market of instructors: those who teach in higher education and those who teach in elementary and secondary schools. That may appear to be too wide a scope. However, we believe that whether you work with our youngest or oldest learners, the twenty-first century demands some inclusion of technology. This book is written for both online instructors and those who teach in traditional classrooms. This book is organized by themes. In Part One we lay the foundation for using tools in the context of instructional design. Part Two introduces an array of tools that address problems of organization. Part Three continues our discussion of Web-based tools by introducing the idea of using these tools to communicate and collaborate. Part Four addresses an ongoing dilemma for online instructors—finding ways to present content when teaching online. The age-old question of how teachers assess learning is the focus of Part Five. Part Six concludes our tour of tools with those that help transform identity, tools that are uniquely twenty-first century. Most important, we apply our Decision-Making Matrix to a couple of specific tools per chapter to model how instructors might consider additional tools they find in their own research. This e-book contains 226 pages.

Price: $3 only


141. The Power of Sub-Conscious Mind

The miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world. Miracles will happen to you, too – when you begin using the magic power of your subconscious mind.  This book is designed to teach you that your habitual ;thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny; for as a man thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he. This e-book contains 371 pages.

Price: $5 only

142. Thinking Strategically

In this texbook you will receive an insight into the strategic thinking and planning process. What does it take to formulate a strategy? How does strategic thinking differ from normal thinking. In this textbook you will find out. This e-booklet contains 56 pages.

Price: $1 only



143.Win the Crowd: Unlock the Secrets of Influence, Charisma, and Showmanship


Who knows better than a magician how to captivate an audience? As Cohen (who calls himself the Millionaires’ Magician—an indication of who his audience is) notes, “[M]agicians are masters at attracting interest, holding attention, and leaving audiences with fond memories of their time together.”Demystifying the psychology of magic in clear, pithy prose, he explains how to use a magician’s tricks to make better, more winning presentations. Cohen distills five “Maxims of Magic”: Be Bold; Expect Success; Don’t State—Suggest; Practice, Practice, Practice; and Be Prepared. This may be familiar territory, but Cohen’s advice has a magician’s spin (including how to perform some tricks). For example, to practice being bold, he suggests dropping a quarter surreptitiously into someone’s pocket. The magician’s preparation and presentation also include creating a compelling character and making a magical entrance to command a room. Cohen also discusses the power of specific word patterns, how to discern unconscious but visible responses in listeners and the use of misdirection. Readers gain insight on how magicians lead and read people, so that how a magician figures out what card you drew from the deck becomes clearer. This thoughtful and charming guide should win a crowd of readers.  This e-book contains203 pages.

Price: $2 only

144. The Intentional Parent: Becoming a Competent Family Leader


Part One of The Intentional Parent is a a parenting framework.

This framework helps my readers understand how intentions,

actions and outcomes form the foundation for becoming

a competent leader. Looking at parenting from a leadership

perspective has become important to me because as I

write this I believe children are facing a lot of challenges. Today’s

kids are growing up in a world where they are influenced

by media, technology, the fracturing and recombining of families,

early introduction to drugs, alcohol and sexual behavior. Strong parents make strong kids and I am convinced that focusing parents on the concept of leadership is beneficial to everyone.

Part Two of The Intentional Parent is general parenting knowledge

descriptions of common parenting concerns with specific

advice on what you can handle alone and when you

should seek outside help. The advice in this section is mostly

geared to kids up to age twelve. This e-book contains 199 pages.

Price: $3 only




145. Tourist Guides of Europe, America and Others



This e-book contains guides of the following places/areas

1.       Africa

2.       Cairo

3.       Cape Town

4.       Johannesburg Pretoria

5.       Bangkok

6.       Beijing

7.       China Taiwan

8.       Hanoi

9.       Hong Kong

10.   Japan and South Korea

11.   Kuala Lumpur

12.   New Delhi

13.   Osaka Kyoto

14.   Seoul

15.   Shanghai

16.   Singapore

17.   South asia

18.   Taipei Kaohsiung

19.   Thailand

20.   Tokyo

21.   Australia

22.   Canberra

23.   Melbourne

24.   New Zealand

25.   Sydney

26.   Aarhus Gb

27.   Barcelona

28.   Bath

29.   Bergen

30.   Birmingham

31.   Bolongna English

32.   Brussels

33.   Burgas

34.   Cardiff

35.   Dresden

36.   Dublin

37.   Edinbugh

38.   Florence

39.   Frankfurt

40.   Geneva

41.   Germany

42.   Gothenburg

43.   Hamburg

44.   Helsinki

45.   Italy

46.   Kaunas

47.   London

48.   Madrid

49.   Manchester

50.   Milan

51.   Munich

52.   Nice

53.   Nordic Countires

54.   Nordjylland the North Denmark

55.   Oslo

56.   Paris

57.   Prague

58.   Reykjavik

59.   Riga

60.   Rome

61.   Sofia

62.   Spain

63.   Stockholm

64.   Tallinn

65.   Bristol

66.   Liverpool

67.   Ireland

68.   Varna

69.   Venice

70.   Vilnius

71.   Zurich

72.   Boston

73.   Canada

74.   Chicago

75.   Las Vegas

76.   Los Angeles

77.   Mexico

78.   Miami Orlando

79.   Montreal

80.   New Orleans

81.   New York

82.   San Fransisco

83.   Seattle

84.   Toronto

85.   USA – East

86.   Washington

87.   Buenos aires

88.   Havana

89.   Mexico

90.   Rio de Janeiro

91.   Santiago

92.   South Central America

This e-book contains 5033 pages.



Price: $6 only


Lustful Maidens and Ascetic Kings: Buddhist and Hindu Stories of Life Book



Great collection of buddhist and hindu stories of life. Its organized topically and functionally in four chapters to show their underlying religious and social teaching. It illustrates values such as courage and generosity, truthfulness and compassion, asceticism and detachment. Originally published in 1942.


This e-book contains 215 pages.

Price: $4 only


Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells Book


Here are fun spells for all needs: to revive passion, to find love, for health, to attract money, and to help job seekers. There's one for cat lovers—88 white-magic spells in all. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells contains everything one needs to make their dreams come true, including practical steps to take if the spells don't take effect immediately. With step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find tools and ingredients, this comprehensive volume emphasizes how to use spells and magic positively, for self-development. Discover your true nature and destiny with this fun guide to self-help magic!

This e-book contains 208 pages.

Price: $5 only




Handbook of Child Development and Early Education: Research to Practice Book


How and what should young children be taught? What emphasis should be given to emotional learning? How do we involve families? Addressing these and other critical questions, this authoritative volume brings together developmentalists and early educators to discuss what an integrated, developmentally appropriate curriculum might look like across the preschool and early elementary years. State-of-the-science work is presented on brain development and the emergence of cognitive, socioemotional, language, and literacy skills in 3- to 8-year-olds. Drawing on experience in real-world classrooms, contributors describe novel, practical approaches to promoting school readiness, tailoring instruction to children’s learning needs, and improving the teaching of language arts, math, and science.

This e-book contains 624 pages.

Price: $6 only




book-downloadHOW TO Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae Revised Edition Book

The curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as a CV, Vita, or Vitae, is a detailed biographical description of one’s educational and work background. It differs from a résumé, a one-page description of one’s work experience and educational background not only in length but also in detail. The origin of the term curriculum vitae is Latin and means “the course of one’s life or career.” As such, a CV includes detailed information regarding one’s academic coursework, professional experience, publications, and so on.

This e-book contains 194 pages.

Price: $3 only

book-downloadInterview Skills that Win the Job

One important reason people fail at interviews is because of several misconceptions, or myths, about what really happens during the course of an interview. All of us know that the purpose of interviews is for an interviewer to hire someone who will perform well in a particular job, but beyond that few people fully grasp how interviews really work and what makes one candidate stand out more than another. This lack of understanding represents a major obstacle to maximising performance when sitting before an interviewer and trying to give your best answers.

This e-book contains 156 pages.

Price: $2 only

Time Management

Time is finite. We have only so many hours available in a day to live our lives, accomplish the tasks that we need to accomplish, and enjoy our lives. Every minute we waste in frustration over a task that seems overwhelming is a minute subtracted from the time we’ve allotted to enjoy life. Even our jobs should provide us with pleasures— a sense of accomplishment, the gratification of recognition for a job well done, and financial rewards, too—that enable us to enjoy our personal lives even more. It can be done. Less stress, more confidence, reduced frustration, greater fulfillment— these are all benefits that flow from leading a time-managed life. Our hope is that Time Management will help you achieve all these things and more.

This e-book contains 177 pages.

Price: $3 only

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