For Students and Engineering

1.       A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition


Students who study this text and who solve a representative set of the exercises provided should acquire a useful knowledge of the fundaments of fluid mechanics. Faculty who use this text are provided with numerous topics to select from in order to meet the objectives of their own courses. All are reminded of the fine-collection of supplementary material. In this book the authors have cited throughout the text various articles and books that are available for enrichment. This e-book contains 523 pages.

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2.       Algebra for College Students, 9th Edition*    

This text covers topics that are usually associated with intermediate algebra and college algebra. It can be used in a one-semester course, but it contains ample material for a two semester sequence.

In this book we present the basic concepts of algebra in a simple, straightforward way. Algebraic ideas are developed in a logical sequence and in an easy-to-read manner without excessive formalism. Concepts are developed through examples, reinforced through additional examples, and then applied in a variety of problem-solving situations. There is a common thread that runs throughout the book:

Learn a skill,

Practice the skill to help solve equations, and

Apply the skill to solve application problems.

This thread influenced some of the decisions we made in preparing the text.

This ebook contains 831 pages

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3.       Architectural Engineering and Design Management


Achieving design value depends upon the collective efforts of all participants involved in the design and realization of buildings, necessitating the establishment of appropriate managerial frames as well as the assembly and maintenance of effective teams. Building design management is a rapidly evolving field and this special issue of the journal Architectural Engineering and Design Management examines a variety of approaches to design management from different perspectives. The underlying argument is for the better management of design value in an increasingly complex building sector. Written by international experts in the field, the core themes include the modelling, coordination and management of design information; the definition and realization of architectural value; digital outsourcing of architectural services; knowledge capital in architectural education; and the importance of cultural issues. Design management is addressed from the perspective of consultants and contractors, which helps to illustrate the dynamic interrelationships between people, technologies and management. This peer-reviewed publication will be invaluable reading for lecturers and students on architecture, built environment and civil engineering courses. The contents will also be of interest to professional architects, engineers and sponsors of design and construction projects. This e-book contains 78 pages.

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4.       New Barron’s GRE, 19th Edition

As a prospective graduate student concerned with professional advancement, ytu know the importance of using good tools and drawing on solid research. In this 19th edition we offer you both. The GRE Graduate Record Exam is changing substantially starting in August 2011, and Barron’s is now ready with a thoroughly revised test prep manual that reflects the new exam’s content. Although the GRE’s Analytical Writing section remains essentially unchanged, new question types appear in both the GRE’s Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, and the model tests in Barron’s brand-new 19th edition reflect these changes:

·  Verbal Reasoning– The verbal section now includes two new sentence completion types: sentence equivalence questions, for which test takers must identify two correct answers to receive credit; and text completion questions, some involving passages of several sentences and requiring test takers to fill in up to three blanks. Reading comprehension questions may now have more than one correct answer. Some reading questions will involve selecting individual sentences with passages.

·  Quantitative Reasoning– As in the past, this section contains standard multiple-choice questions, as well as quantitative comparison questions. There are two new question types: multiple-choice questions that have more than one correct answer choice, each of which has to be selected, and numeric entry questions, which are the only questions on the test for which no answer choices are provided.

Barron’s new GRE manual offers intensive practice and review for all question types plus a diagnostic test and two full-length model GREs with answer keys and explanations for all questions answered. The authors also present a test overview and valuable chapters on test-taking tactics.

This e-book contains 264 pages.

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5.      Basic Mathematics for College Students, 4th Edition*

Basic Mathematics for College Students, Fourth Edition, is more than a simple upgrade of the third edition. Substantial changes have been made to the worked example structure, the Study Sets, and the pedagogy. Throughout the revision process, our objective has been to ease teaching challenges and meet students’ educational needs. Mathematics, for many of today’s developmental math students, is like a foreign language. They have difficulty translating the words, their meanings, and how they apply to problem solving. With these needs in mind (and as educational research suggests), our fundamental goal is to have students read, write, think, and speak using the language of mathematics. Instructional approaches that include vocabulary, practice, and well-defined pedagogy, along with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, communication, and technology skills have been blended to address this need. The most common question that students ask as they watch their instructors solve problems and as they read the textbook is p Why? The new fourth edition addresses this question in a unique way. Experience teaches us that it’s not enough to know how a problem is solved. Students gain a deeper understanding of algebraic concepts if they know why a particular approach is taken. This instructional truth was the motivation for adding a Strategy and Why explanation to the solution of each worked example. The fourth edition now provides, on a consistent basis, a concise answer to that all-important question: Why? These are just two of several reasons we trust that this revision will make this course a better experience for both instructors and students. This e-book contains 946 pages.

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6. Becoming a Master Student*

The purpose of this book is to help you make a successful transition to higher education by setting up

a pattern of success that will last the rest of your life. You probably won’t take action and use the ideas in this book until you are convinced that you have something to gain. That’s the reason for this introduction—to persuade you to use this book actively. The strategies and tactics that successful students

use are well known. You have hundreds of them at your finger-tips right now, in this book. Use them. Modify them. Invent new ones. You’re the authority on what works for you. However, what makes any technique work is commitment—and action.. Add your participation to the mulch, and these pages become priceless. This e-book contains 426 pages.

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7. Bio-Chemical Engineering - Fundamentals and Advanced  (2 Volumes)*


The first volume contains the fundamentals. The biotechnology and chemical engineering students at various Indian Universities and engineering institutions are required to take up the 'Biochemical Engineering' course either as an elective or a compulsory subject. This book is written keeping in mind the need for a text book on the aforesaid subject for students from both engineering and biology backgrounds. The main feature of· this book is that it contains solved problems, which help the students to understand the subject better. The book is divided into three sections: Enzyme mediated bioprocess, whole cell mediated bioprocess and the engineering principle in bioprocess

The second volume deals with the advanced stages of the subject. Advances in Biochemical engineering/Biotechnology reviews actual trends in modern biotechnology. Its aim is to cover all aspects of this interdisciplinary technology where knowledge, methods and expertise are required for chemistry, biochemistry, micro-biology, genetics, chemical engineering and computer science. Special volumes are dedicated to selected topics which focus on new biotechnological products and new processes for their synthesis and purification. They give the state-of-the-art of a topic in a comprehensive way thus being a valuable source for the next 3–5 years. It also discusses new discoveries and applications. Special volumes are edited by well known guest editors

This e-book consists of 2 volumes and contains 809 pages.

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8.       Biology and Bio-Chemistry – a Text Book*

This ebook contains 8 volumes and each volume deals with each chapter namely: biological Signal Analysis, Introduction to Cancer Biology, Introduction to Clinical Bio-Chemistry, Introduction to Scientific Research Projects, Kinetics for Bio-Scientist, Large Scale Data Handling, in Biology, Micro and Nano Transport of Bio-Molecules and,Molecular Conformations.This e-book contains 697 pages.

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This text-book in 49 volumes in 5652 pages deals with:

 ·        Real Functions in one Variable

·        Calculus 1C-6 – Examples of Taylor’s formula and Limit Processes

·        Calculus 2a – Real Functions in Several Variables – Guidelines for solutions

·        Calculus 2b – Real Functions in Several Variables – Guidelines for Solutions

·        Calculus 2b-1: Real Functions in Several Variables – Examples of Maximum and Minimum Integration and Vector Analysis

·        Calculus 2C: Real Functions in Several Variables – Examples of Maximum and Minimum Integration and Vector Analysis

·        Calculus 2C-1: Real Functions in Several Variables – Examples of Basic Concepts, Examination of Functions, Level Curves and Level Surfaces, Description of Curves

·        Calculus 2C-10: Real Functions in Several Variables – Examples of Nabla Calculus, Vector Analysis, Green’s Identitites, and Curvilinear Coordinates, Electromagnetism and various Types

·        Calculus 2C-2: Real Functions in Several Variables – Examples of Description of Surfaces Partial Derivatives, Gradient, Directional Derivative and Taylor’s Formula

·        Calculus 2C-3: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Tangents to curves, Tangent Planes to Surfaces Elementary Integrals Extrema

·        Calculus 2C-4: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Maximum and Minimum

·        Calculus 2C-5: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Plane Integral

·        Calculus 2C-6: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Space Integral

·        Calculus 2C-7: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Line Integral

·        Calculus 2C-8: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of Surface Integrals

·        Calculus 2C-9: Real Functions in Several Variables –

·        Examples of applications of Gaub’s and Stokes’s Theorems and Related topics

·        Calculus 3b: Sequences and power Series

·        Calculus 3C-1: Examples of Sequences

·        Calculus 3C-2: General Elementary Series

·        Calculus 3C-3: Examples of Power Series

·        Calculus 3C-4: Examples of Applications of the Power Series Method by solution of Differential Equations with Polunomial Coeffecients

·        Calculus 3-b: Fourier Series and Systems of Differential Equations and Eigenvalue Problems – Guidelines for solutions and problems

·        Calculus 4C-1: Examples of Fourier Series

·        Calculus 4C-2: Examples of Eigenvalue Problems

·        Calculus 4C-3: Examples of systems of Differential Equations applications from Physics and the technical Sciences

·        Calculus Analyse 1c-1: Real Functions in one Variable Simple Differential Equations I

·        Calculus Analyse 1c-2: Real Functions in one Variable Simple

·        Examples of Elementary Functions

·        Calculus Analyse 1c-3: Real Functions in one Variable Simple

·        Examples of Integrals

·        Calculus Analyse 1c-4: Real Functions in one Variable Simple

·        Complex Numbers Examples

·        Calculus Analyse 1c-5: Real Functions in one Variable Simple

·        Examples of Simple Differential Equations II

·        Calculus of Residua

·        Complex Functions c-1 : Examples concerning Complex Numbers

·        Complex Functions c-2: Analytic Functions

·        Complex Functions Examples c-3: Elementary Analytic functions and Harmonic functions

·        Complex Functions Examples c-4: Power Series

·        Complex Functions Examples c-5: Laurent Series

·        Complex Functions Examples c-6: Calculus Residues

·        Complex Functions Examples c-7: Applications of the Calculus Residues

·        Complex Functions Examples c-8: Some Classical Transforms

·        Complex Functions Examples c-9: The Argument Principle and Many Valued Functions

·                  Complex Functions Theory c-11:The Laplace Transformation 1

·                  Complex Functions Theory c-12:The Laplace Transformation 2

·                  Elementary Analytic Functions :Complex Functions Theory a-1

·                  Global Analysis : Functional Analysis Examples a-1

·        Hilbert Spaces and Operators on Hilbert Spaces: Functional Analysis Examples c-3

·                  Integral Operators

·                  Spectral Theory

·                  Stability, Riemann Surfaces, Conformal Mappings

·                  The Laplace Transformation 1- General Theory

·                  Topological and Metric Spaces, Banach Spaces

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10.  Chemical Engineering

This e-book contains the following volumes

1.Chemical Thermodynamics

2. Computation Fluid Dynamics

3. Concise Hydroulics

4. Concepts in Electric Circuits

5. Concise Hydrology

6. Control Engineering (An introduction with the use of Matlab)

7. Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers

8. Engineering Thermodynamics

9. Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering – Examples

10. Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering

11. Heat Transfer – Exercises

12. Heat Transfer

13. Introductory Finite Difference Methods for    PDEs

14. Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDES

15. Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

16. Wind-Turbines

This e-book contains 1761 pages

Price: $6 only



This e-book contains 26 volumes as follows:

 ·        Essentials of Chemistry

·       Chemistry: A Maths Workbook Part-1

·        Advanced Granulation Theory at Particle Level

·        An introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems

·        Atmospheric Pollution

·        Bioethanol: Science and Technology of fuel alcohol

·        Chemical Thermodynamics

·        Concepts in Electric Circuits

·        Control Engineering: An introduction with the use of Matlab

·        Electrically driven Membrane processes

·        Fluid Bed Particle Processing

·        Food Processing

·        Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering

·        Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering -

·        Heat Transfer

·        Heat Transfer: Exercises

·        Hydrocarbons: Physical Properties and their relevance to Utilisation

·        Hydrodynamics Modelling and Granular Dynamics

·        Biological Signal Analysis

·        Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry

·        Modelling Batch Systems using Population Balances

·        Molecular Conformations

·        Essentials of Nanotechnology

·        Pressure driven Membrane Processes

·        Transport Phenomena

·       Wind turbines

This e-book contains 2462 pages

Price: $6 only


12.  College Physics, 9th Edition

For more than five decades, Sears and Zemansky’s College Physics has provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for students around the world. The Ninth Edition continues that tradition with new features that directly address the demands on today’s student and today’s classroom. A broad and thorough introduction to physics, this new edition maintains its highly respected, traditional approach while implementing some new solutions to student difficulties. Many ideas stemming from educational research help students develop greater confidence in solving problems, deepen conceptual understanding, and strengthen quantitative-reasoning skills, while helping them connect what they learn with their other courses and the changing world around them. Math review has been expanded to encompass a full chapter, complete with end-of-chapter questions, and in each chapter biomedical applications and problems have been added along with a set of MCAT-style passage problems. Media resources have been strengthened and linked to the Pearson eText, MasteringPhysics®, and much more.

This e-book contains 1151 pages.

Price: $5 only


13.  Design Engineering Manual

Design Engineering covers multiple disciplines but not limited to electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, and architectural engineering. The design engineer sets the direction of the design effort and does the most complex parts of design. Consequently, the design engineer must be familiar with and have access to many different areas in engineering. This concise volume does just that, bringing critical information such as design and materials, new materials, ergonomics, reliability and maintainability, product safety, electronics, mechanics, and plastics to the design engineer.

·                  Provides a single-source of critical information to the design engineer, saving time and therefore money on a particular design project

·                  Presents both the fundamentals and advanced topics and also the latest information in key aspects of the design process

·                  Examines all aspects of the design process in one concise and accessible volume

This e-book contains 226 pages

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This e-book contains 14 volumes as mentioned below:-

Accession to the WTO- Part-1

Accession to the WTO Part-2

Break Even Analysis


Globalization and the Nordic Success Model – Part-1

Globalization and the Nordic Success Model – Part-2

Innovation and Small Business Volume-1

Innovation and Small Business Volume-2

Essentials of Macroeconomics

Essentials of Microeconomics

Essentials of Microeconomics – Exercises

The Neoclassical Growth Model

The overlapping Generations Model and the Pensions

The stochastic Growth Model

This e-book contains 1271 pages.

Price: $6 only


15.  Electrical and Electronics Engineering – Text Book

This text-book in 14 volumes deals with:

 ·        An introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems

·        Concepts in Electrical Systems

·        Control Engineering

·        Digital Processing

·        Electrical Power

·        Electro-magnetism for Electronic Engineers

·        Worked Examples in Electro Magnetism

·        Engineering Thermodynamics

·        Biological analysis

·        Introduction to Electronic Engineering

·        Introduction to Power Electronics

·        Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDEs

·        Essentials of Nano Technology

·       Wind Turbines

This e-book contains 1973 pages.

Price: $9 only


16.  Electronics: A Systems Approach, 4th Edition

The fourth edition of Electronics: A Systems Approach is an outstanding introduction to this fast-moving, important field. Fully updated, it covers the latest changes and developments in the world of electronics. It continues to use Neil Storey’s well-respected systems approach, firstly explaining the overall concepts to build students’ confidence and understanding, before looking at the more detailed analysis that follows. This allows the student to contextualise what the system is designed to achieve, before tackling the intricacies of the individual components. The book also offers an integrated treatment of analogue and digital electronics, highlighting and exploring the common ground between the two fields. This fourth edition represents a significant update and a major expansion of previous material, and now provides a comprehensive introduction to basic electrical engineering circuits and components in addition to a detailed treatment of electronic systems. This extended coverage permits the book to be used as a stand-alone text for introductory courses in both Electronics and Electrical Engineering. This e-book contains 821 pages.

Price: $6 only


17.  Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 5th Edition

Larson IS student success. ELEMENTARY AND INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA owes its success to the hallmark features for which the Larson team is known: learning by example, a straightforward and accessible writing style, emphasis on visualization through the use of graphs to reinforce algebraic and numeric solutions and to interpret data, and comprehensive exercise sets. These pedagogical features are carefully coordinated to ensure that students are better able to make connections between mathematical concepts and understand the content. With a bright, appealing design, the new Fifth Edition builds on the Larson tradition of guided learning by incorporating a comprehensive range of student success materials to help develop students’ proficiency and conceptual understanding of algebra. The text also continues coverage and integration of geometry in examples and exercises. This e-book contains 1028 pages.

Price: $6 only


18.  Engineering Design, 4th Edition

Specifically designed as an introduction to the exciting world of engineering, ENGINEERING FUNDAMENTALS: AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING encourages students to become engineers and prepares them with a solid foundation in the fundamental principles and physical laws. The book begins with a discovery of what engineers do as well as an inside look into the various areas of specialization. An explanation on good study habits and what it takes to succeed is included as well as an introduction to design and problem solving, communication, and ethics. Once this foundation is established, the book moves on to the basic physical concepts and laws that students will encounter regularly. The framework of this text teaches students that engineers apply physical and chemical laws and principles as well as mathematics to design, test, and supervise the production of millions of parts, products, and services that people use every day. By gaining problem solving skills and an understanding of fundamental principles, students are on their way to becoming analytical, detail-oriented, and creative engineers. This e-book contains 720 pages.

Price: $9 only


19.  English Dictionary for Information Technology

This e-book is published by Oxford Press. This course is designed for the people studying Information Technology and computing, or working in the I.T.sector. It is suitable for universities, technical school and adult educational programmes, with intermediate to advanced level students who want to improve and extend their language skills in the context of Information Technology. This e-book contains 225 pages.

Price: $6 only



Environmental engineering is a relatively new profession with a long and honorable history. The descriptive title of “environmental engineer” was not used until the 1960s, when academic programs in engineering and public health schools broadened their scope and required a more accurate title to describe their curricula and their graduates. The roots of this profession, however, go back as far as recorded history. These roots reach into several major disciplines including civil engineering, public health, ecology, chemistry, and meteorology. From each foundation, the environmental engineering profession draws knowledge, skill, and professionalism. From ethics, the environmental engineer draws concern for the greater good. The text is organized into areas important to all environmental engineers: water resources, air quality, solid and hazardous wastes (including radioactive wastes), and noise. Chapters on environmental impact assessment and on risk analysis are also included. Any text on environmental engineering is somewhat dated by the time of publication, because the field is moving and changing rapidly. We have included those fundamental topics and principles on which the practice of environmental engineering is grounded, illustrating them with contemporary examples. We have incorporated emerging issues, such as global climate change and the controversy over the linear nonthreshold theory, whenever possible. This book is intended for engineering students who are grounded in basic physics, chemistry, and biology, and who have already been introduced to fluid mechanics. The material presented can readily be covered in a one This e-book contains 510 pages.

Price: $6 only


21.  Estimating in Building Construction

An update of the proven estimating text by Frank Dagostino, Estimating in Building Construction, 7/e, provides everything you need for a course in Estimating. It combines sound coverage of principles with step-by-step procedures to help students learn concepts more easily. Ideal for construction, architecture, and engineering students, it reflects the popular approach of tracing a complete project’s progress. Added in this edition is a discussion of computers in estimating, different types of estimates (e.g., square foot, project comparison, and assembly estimating), how to determine labor productivity, and how to determine labor burden. This e-book contains 286 pages

Price: $6 only


22.  For Engineering Students – a Text Book

This text-book in 15 volumes and the volumes deals with:

 Chemical Thermodynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Concise Hydraulics

Concepts in Electric Circuits

Concise Hydrology

Control Engineering

Electromagnetism for electric engineer

Engineering Thermodynamics

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering – Examples

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Exercises

Introductory Finite Different Methods for PDEs

Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

Wind Tubines

This e-book contains  2373 pages

Price: $6 only


23.Handbook of Thermal Engineering

To be successful in the international marketplace, corporations must have access to the latest developments and most recent experimental data. Traditional handbooks of heat transfer stress fundamental principles, analytical approaches to thermal problems, and elegant solutions to classical problems. The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering is not a traditional handbook. Engineers in industry need up-to-date, accessible information on the applications of heat and mass transfer-The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering provides it.
Peer reviewed articles-selected on the basis of their current relevance to the development of new products-provide in-depth treatment of applications in diverse fields, such as:

·  Bioengineering

·  Desalination

·  Electronics

·  Energy conservation

·  Food processing

·  Measurement techniques in fluid flow and heat transfer

You’ll find complete, up-to-date information on the latest development in the field, including:

·  Recent advances in thermal sciences

·  Microthermal design

·  Compact heat exchangers

·  Thermal optimization

·  Exergy analysis

A unique, one-stop resource for all your thermal engineering questions
From the basics of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer, to comprehensive treatment of current applications, the latest computational tools, to data tables for the properties of gases, liquids, and solids, The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering has it all!

This is an E-BOOK. This e-book contains 1143 pages.

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For many entrepreneurs there is a mystique about finance -starting, growing and selling new ventures is tough enough. Yet with some focused financial knowledge you can run your company with less cash, grow it more quickly and make more money when it is sold. This book makes the dry world of finance easy to understand and relevant to entrepreneurs. This e-book contains 435 pages

Price: $9 only


25.MATHEMATICS - A Text Book

This e-book contains the following 18 volumes:-

 ·        Analytic Aids

·        Applied Mathematics by Example – Theory

·        Applied Mathematics by Example – Exercises

·        Continuous Distributions

·        Discrete Distributions

·        Essential Engineering Mathematics

·        Mathematics for Computer Scientists

·        Introduction to Probability

·        Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDEs

·        Linear Algebra C–1

·        Linear Algebra C–2

·        Linear Algebra C–3

·        Linear Algebra C–4

·        Random Variables 1

·        Random Variables 2

·        Random Variables 3

·        Stochastic processes 1

·        Stochastic processes 2

This e-book contains 2210 pages

Price: $9 only


26.Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The book provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand introductory coverage of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings. Elementary engineering concepts and step-by-step design principles are introduced in a straightforward manner and supported by over 320 illustrations and 500 photographs. It includes new chapters on emerging sustainability (green) technologies and building science. It presents material that can provide the future architect, architectural engineer, and architectural engineering technician with a basic working-level knowledge of principles and practices. This book is written specifically for those interested in building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and piping (water supply and sanitary drainage), storm drainage, illumination, electrical power distribution, building telecommunications, acoustics and acoustical control, vertical/horizontal transportation and conveying, fire protection and suppression, and building renewable energy and energy conservation systems. This e-book contains 226 pages.

Price: $9 only


27.Mechanical Engineering – A Text Book

This e-book contains the following 16 volumes:


An introduction to Nonlinearity in Control systems

Automation and Robotics


Chemical Thermodynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Concepts in Electric Circuits

Control Engineering

Engineering Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer – Exercises

Heat Transfer


Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDEs

Basic Concepts in Turbo Machinery

Manufacturing Processes Materials: Exercises

Theory of waves in Materials

Wind Turbines

This e-book contains 1850 pages.

Price: $9 only


28.Mechanics of Materials, 2nd Edition

The second edition of MECHANICS OF MATERIALS  is a concise examination of the fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials. The book maintains the hallmark organization of the previous edition as well as the time-tested problem solving methodology, which incorporates outlines of procedures and numerous sample problems to help ease students through the transition from theory to problem analysis. Emphasis is placed on giving students the introduction to the field that they need along with the problem-solving skills that will help them in their subsequent studies. This is demonstrated in the text by the presentation of fundamental principles before the introduction of advanced/special topics. This e-book contains 849 pages.

Price: $6 only


29.Nano Technology

This text-book in deals with:

 Micro – and Nano – Transport of Biomolecules

 Essentials of Nano Technology

This e-book contains 222 pages

Price: $3 only


30.Software Engineering, 9th Edition

Intended for a sophomore/junior level course in software engineering. The ninth edition of Software Engineering presents a broad perspective of software engineering, focusing on the processes and techniques fundamental to the creation of reliable, software systems. Increased coverage of agile methods and software reuse, along with coverage of ‘traditional’ plan-driven software engineering, gives readers the most up-to-date view of the field currently available. Practical case studies, a full set of easy-to-access supplements, and extensive web resources make teaching the course easier than ever.

The book is now structured into four parts:

1: Introduction to Software Engineering
2: Dependability and Security
3: Advanced Software Engineering
4: Software Engineering Management

This e-book contains 790 pages.

Price: $6 only


31.Statistics – a Text Book

This e-book contains the following 5 volumes:-

 ·        Essentials of Statistics

·        Essentials of Statistics – Exercises

·        Statistics for Business and Economics

·        Statistics for Health, Life and Social Sciences

·        Stats Practically Short and Simple

This e-book contains 706 pages

Price: $6 only


32.Statistics: Principles and Methods, 6th Edition

Johnson provides a comprehensive, accurate introduction to statistics for business professionals who need to learn how to apply key concepts. The chapters have been updated with real-world data to make the material more relevant. The revised pedagogy will help them contextualize statistical concepts and procedures. The numerous examples clearly demonstrate the important points of the methods. New What Will We Learn opening paragraphs set the stage for the material being discussed. Using Statistics Wisely boxes summarize key lessons. In addition, Statistics in Context sections give business professionals an understanding of applications in which a statistical approach to variation is needed. This e-book contains 706 pages.

Price: $6 only


33.Chemistry for Engineering Students, 2nd Edition

Enhanced with a remarkable number of new problems and applications, the Second Edition of CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS provides a concise, thorough, and relevant introduction to chemistry that prepares students for further study in any engineering field. Updated with even more questions and applications specifically geared toward engineering students, the book emphasizes the connection between molecular properties and observable physical properties and the connections between chemistry and other subjects studied by engineering students, such as mathematics and physics. This new edition is now fully supported by OWL, the most widely-used online learning system for chemistry. This e-book contains 614 pages

Price: $9 only


34.Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Through Nanotechnology

Reflecting the rapid growth of nanotechnology research and the potential impact of the growing energy crisis, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Through Nanotechnology provides comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge research in the energy-related fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, which aim to improve energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Through Nanotechnology tightly correlates nanotechnology with energy issues in a general, comprehensive way that makes it not only suitable as a desk reference for research, but also as a knowledge resource for the non-expert general public. Readers will find Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Through Nanotechnology useful in a variety of ways, ranging from the creation of energy policy, to energy research development, and to education in nanotechnology and its application to energy-related problems. It can also be used as a primary or supplementary textbook for energy-related courses for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. This e-book contains 959 pages.

Price: $6 only


35.Inventors and Inventions: Biographies and Stories behind such Inventions

This e-book does deal with every department of magic and explain all the secrets. Such a book like this is clearly not one for profane eyes. As it befits the unique nature of its contents, it is destined to receive the better guarding its secrets it is to be furnished with such a strange lock that nobody else should be able to pick it up. Professor Hoffmann, the world famous magician, speaks of this e-book as the crowning the edifice of magic. This e-book contains 507 pages

Price: $5 only


36.An Introduction to Physical Sciences

An Introduction to Physical Science presents a survey of the physical sciences–physics, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, and geology–for non-science majors. Topics are treated both descriptively and quantitatively, providing flexibility for instructors who wish to emphasize a highly descriptive approach, a highly quantitative approach, or anything in between. Time-tested pedagogical tools address the needs of a range of learning styles: concepts to be treated mathematically are consistently introduced from three perspectives (definition, word equation, symbol notation); Confidence Exercises follow in-text Examples, giving students an opportunity for immediate practice and reinforcement; and updated Spotlight On features use figures, photos, or flowcharts to visually summarize important topics. The Twelfth Edition includes new content and features that help students better visualize concepts, master basic math, and practice problem solving. In response to instructor feedback, new end-of-chapter problems appear throughout the text and sections on astronomy have been updated. A dynamic technology package combines course management and testing resources as well as online support for students. This e-book contains 750 pages

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37.Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

Retaining the concise, to-the-point presentation that has already helped thousands of students move beyond memorization to a true understanding of the beauty and logic of organic chemistry, this e-boook brings in new, focused content that shows students how organic chemistry applies to their everyday lives. In addition, redrawn chemical structures and artwork help students visualize important chemical concepts, a greater emphasis on biologically-related chemistry (including new problems) helps them grasp the enormous importance of organic chemistry in understanding the reactions that occur in living organisms, and new End ofChapter problems keyed to OWL allow them to work text-specific problems online. Lastly, for this edition, the author reevaluated and revised his writing at the sentence level to ensure that the book’s explanations, applications, and examples are more student-friendly, relevant, and motivating than ever before. This  e-book contains 660 pages

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38.physics, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, and geology–for non-science majors

This e-book presents a survey of the physical sciences–physics, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, and geology–for non-science majors. Topics are treated both descriptively and quantitatively, providing flexibility for instructors who wish to emphasize a highly descriptive approach, a highly quantitative approach, or anything in between. Time-tested pedagogical tools address the needs of a range of learning styles: concepts to be treated mathematically are consistently introduced from three perspectives (definition, word equation, symbol notation); Confidence Exercises follow in-text Examples, giving students an opportunity for immediate practice and reinforcement; and updated Spotlight On features use figures, photos, or flowcharts to visually summarize important topics. The Twelfth Edition includes new content and features that help students better visualize concepts, master basic math, and practice problem solving. In response to instructor feedback, new end-of-chapter problems appear throughout the text and sections on astronomy have been updated. A dynamic technology package combines course management and testing resources as well as online support for students. The Twelfth Edition is available in both a hardcover version and, at a reduced price, a paperback version, giving students flexible options to meet their needs. This e-book contains 750 pages

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39.Critical Thinking A Student’s Introduction

This e-book includes

This popular text helps today's students bridge the gap between everyday culture and critical thinking. Using a proven step-by-step approach, this text covers all the basics of critical thinking, in clear, reader-friendly language. Its comprehensiveness allows instructors to tailor the material to their individual teaching styles, resulting in an exceptionally versatile text. This e-book contains 547 pages.

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40.Human Learning

This highly respected, market-leading textbook on learning theories applied to education prepares pre-service teachers and other educators with a unique and meaningful learning experience. The sixth edition of Human concepts. Additionally, the text details associationistic processes (e.g., classical and instrumental conditioning), and more complex and distinctly human processes (e.g. metacognition, self-regulated learning, critical thinking). Every chapter features key pedagogical concepts with specific applications to classroom practice, numerous concrete examples that illustrate key concepts, principles, and recommendations and dozens of proven examples help make the fundamentals of these theories comprehensible to students with little or no prior coursework in psychology. Learning covers a broad-range of learning theories and key perspectives on learning related to education, including: behaviorist, cognitive, social cognitive, contextual, and developmental theories, always highlighting relationships between. This vast e-book contains 610 pages.

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