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1.       All About Market Indicators

Why did professional trader and Market Wizard Linda Raschke move completely out of the stock market three days before a major crash? And what motivated Fred Hickey, a Barron’s Roundtable participant and editor of a monthly investment newsletter, to send out an alert to his subscribers three months before an October crash? And why did economist Bernard Baumohl recommend going long in the midst of one of the greatest recessions since the Great Depression?   Is it luck or is it really possible to forecast what the market will do next? By the time you finish All About Market Indicators, you’ll have an answer.   Indicators covered include:  * VIX, * Stochastics, * Volume, * Moving Averages, * Bollinger Bands, * Put Call Ratio, * Breadth, * Momentum, * Sentiment Surveys, * Price, * Relative Strength, * Trend, and * Economic This book answers the question: “What’s the market going to do next?” In addition, you get in-depth interviews with key figures in the world of market indicators, including: Gerald Appel, Richard Arms, Bernard Baumohl, John Bollinger, Thomas DeMark, Dr. Alexander Elder, Ken Fisher, Fred Hickey, William J. O’Neil, Linda Raschke, Brett Steenbarger, Dr. Van Tharp, Larry Williams and others…

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Commodities, as an asset class, are going through a transformational period. What was long regarded as an inferior asset class is quickly moving to the investing mainstream. The reason? Good performance. Investors like to reward good performance, and commodities have performed very well lately.  As commodities have been generating more interest, there’s a large demand for a product to help average investors get a grip on the market fundamentals. Commodities as an asset class have been plagued by a lot of misinformation, and it’s sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction from outright fantasy. The aim of Commodities For Dummies is to help you figure out what commodities are all about and, more importantly, to help you develop an intelligent investment strategy to profit in this market.  The aim of this e-book is to offer you a comprehensive guide to the commodities markets and show you a number of investment strategies to help you profit in this market. You don’t have to invest in just crude oil or gold futures contracts to benefit. You can trade ETFs, invest in companies that process commodities such as uranium, buy precious metals ownership certificates, or invest in Master Limited Partnerships. The commodities markets are global in nature and so are the investment opportunities. Main aim in this book is to help you uncover these global opportunities and to provide you with the investment ideas and tools to help you unlock and unleash the power of the commodities markets. And, best of all, I do all this in plain English!  The e-book is organized in a way that provides you with the most accurate and relevant information related to investing in general and commodity investing in particular. The book is modular in nature, meaning that while it reads like a book from start to finish, you can read one chapter or even a section at a time without needing. The first two parts of the book cover general portfolio construction methodologies and investment strategies to help you incorporate commodities in your financial life. Parts III, IV, and V then cover each specific commodity sub-asset class: energy, metals, and agricultural products. Finally, the last two parts of the book include the legendary For Dummies Part of Tens chapters along with a useful appendix to help you look up the technical terms discussed throughout the book.

This e-book contains 387 pages

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3.       Elements of Investing

The Elements of Investing has a single-minded goal: to teach the principles of investing in the same pared-to-bone manner that Professor William Strunk Jr. once taught composition to students at Harvard, using his classic little book, The Elements of Style. With great daring, Ellis and Malkiel imagined their own Little Red Schoolhouse course in investing for every investor around the world-and then penned this book.

The Elements of Investing hacks away at all the overtrading and over thinking so predominant in the hyperactive thought patterns of the average investor. Malkiel and Ellis offer investors a set of simple but powerful thoughts on how to challenge Mr. Market at his own game, and win by not losing. All the need-to-know rules and investment principles can be found here.

·                  Contains sound investment advice and simple principles of investing from two of the most respected individuals in the investment world

·                  Burton G. Malkiel is the bestselling author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Charles D. Ellis is the bestselling author of Winning the Loser’s Game

·                  Shows how to deal with an investor’s own worst enemies: fear and greed

A disciplined approach to investing, complemented by conviction, is all you need to succeed. This timely guide will help you develop these skills and make the most of your time in today’s market.

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4.       Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers, 2nd Edition

As a department manager, the last thing you want to think about is numbers. But the truth is, that’s the only thing your executives and senior managers are thinking about so it’s crucial to understand key financial information like balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, budgets and forecasts, and annual reports. With over 40,000 copies sold, “The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers” has long provided readers with insight into the financial fundamentals. It demystifies the role accounting and finance play in a corporation, demonstrates how financial decisions reflect business goals, and shows how managers can connect corporate financial information directly to their own strategies and actions. Now revised to reflect new accounting and financial standards, the second edition includes: strategies for getting your share of the budget; new case studies and practice sessions; an explanation of Sarbanes-Oxley and its relevance to nonfinancial managers; how to manage cash flow in tough times; fraud detection tools; and, an expanded glossary including up-to-the-minute business concepts and terminology. This e-book contains  316 pages

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5.       FINANCE – A TEXT BOOK in 10 Volumes

This e-book contains the following 10 volumes:-

 ·       Corporate Finance

·       International Finance Reporting

·       Portfolio Theory and Financial Analysis

·       Portfolio Theory and Financial Analysis – Exercises

·       Corporate Valuation and Takeover

·       Financial Econometrics

·       Probability for Finance

·       Stochastic Processes for Finance

·       Strategic Financial Management

·       Strategic Financial Management: Exercises

This e-book contains  1005 pages

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6.       Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD

You don’t need a genius IQ to ace your financial accounting curriculum. The only prerequisites are a little discipline and a comprehensive tutorial devoid of confusing jargon.

Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD presents all the concepts and skills you need, in a language you understand. Designed to let you learn at your own pace, it explains all the rules for preparing and reporting accounting information to parties outside an organization. Then, you’ll get details on basic financial accounting concepts, valuing inventories, accounting methods, stockholder’s equity, receivables, and more. Featuring end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam, Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD teaches you the ins and outs of financial accounting in no time at all!

This fast and easy guide offers:

·                   Expert coverage of financial statements, cash and short-term investments, receivables, cash flows, liabilities

·                   Tips, techniques, and insights that drive home key financial accounting principles and theories

·                   Hundreds of worked-out examples, chapter-ending quizzes, and a final exam to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses

·                   Specific recommendations if you’re having difficulty with certain subtopics

Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD is a shortcut to developing a working knowledge of accounting practices. This e-book contains 321 pages

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7.       Forecasting Financial Markets:The Psychology of Successful Investing,5th edition


Forecasting Financial Markets provides a compelling insight into the psychology of trading behavior and shows how “following the herd” can have disastrous results. It demonstrates how one’s ability to make money in the world’s financial markets depends critically on an ability to make decisions independently of the crowd. Forecasting Financial Markets details the three dimensions essential to achieve successful trading, including an ability to understand the forces at work in logical terms, recognize (and neutralize) any emotional responses to market fluctuations, and design an investment process or trading system that generates objective “buy” or “sell” signals. Taking the author’s latest research into account, this book provides an in-depth assessment of the phenomenon of cycles, patterns of economic and financial activity, and how to use cycles as a forecasting tool. This e-book contains 433 pages.

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8.       Fundamentals of Cost accounting


A direct, realistic, and efficient way to learn cost accounting. fundamentals is short making it easy to cover in one semester. The authors have kept the text concise by focusing on the key concepts students need to master. Opening vignettes and In Action boxes show realistic applications of these concepts throughout. All chapters end with a “Debrief” that links the topics in the chapter to the decision problem faced by the manager in the opening vignette. Comprehensive end-of-chapter problems provide students with all the practice they need to fully learn each concept. This e-book contains 754 pages

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9.       Getting Between the Balance Sheets


For many entrepreneurs there is a mystique about finance -starting, growing and selling new ventures is tough enough. Yet with some focused financial knowledge you can run your company with less cash, grow it more quickly and make more money when it is sold. This book makes the dry world of finance easy to understand and relevant to entrepreneurs. This e-book contains 221 pages

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10.  Getting Started in Currency Trading: Winning in Today’s Forex Market

While the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market can be a very profitable place, you must have a firm understanding of how to operate within this environment if you intend on achieving any success.

That’s why you need Getting Started in Currency Trading, Third Edition. This reliable resource-written for both newcomers and those with some Forex experience-puts trading world currencies in perspective, and shows you exactly what it takes to make it in this field.

·                  Guides you through the process of opening your own account as well as the actual placing and managing of currency orders

·                  Offers specific trading strategies and tactics

·                  A companion Web site will provide updates on brokers and FOREX services; an author’s Blog will answer your questions about all aspects of trading

·                  Includes a new chapter on Forex trading platforms

·                  The often confusing FOREX calculations are reduced to handy computer-side tables

On the heels of the recent market crash, this fully revised Third Edition is filled with in-depth insights and practical advice that takes into account all of the recent changes in the currency market and shows you how to profit from them.

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11.  Hand-book of Auditing Methods

This is a book about auditing mechanics within individual industries and businesses. It is the fourth of a series of books devoted to accounting management for particular industries. detailing the tax mechanics for each type of business.This book follows the same pattern. It presents the job of the auditor as he moves into 70 industries or businesses. The books furnish the arsenal needed in the four most important branches of accounting: auditing, systems, costing, and taxes. The author asked each of a group of experts to explain how he conducted an audit in a particular business. The author selected these men to write chapters in the book because each had extensive experience in a particular industry the same method used in compiling all of the four books in the series. This e-book contains 899 pages.

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12.  Risk Management in Banking

Fully revised and updated from the highly successful previous edition, Risk Managment in Banking 2nd Edition covers all aspects of risk management, shedding light on the extensive new developments in the field. There is a new emphasis on current practice, as well as in-depth analysis of the latest in research and techniques. This edition has been expanded to include an in-depth discussion of credit risk models, asset and liability management, credit valuation, risk-based capital, VAR, loan portfolio management, fund transer pricing and capital allocation. Quantitative material is presented in more detail and the scope of the book has been expanded to include investment banking and other financial services. This e-book contains 813 pages

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13.  Macro Economics Development - 3rd edition

Since the second edition of this text was published in 1999, both the field of development economics and developing economies themselves have undergone substantial change. Agenor and Montiel have added considerable new material to this third edition, most notably dealing with issues that have risen to prominence in the last decade. . . . This comprehensive treatment of development from a macroeconomic perspective is an indispensable reference for graduate students and faculty. — Choice  Since its first edition, the book has remained the definitive text on the macroeconomics of developing countries. In this third edition, the authors try to cover the latest advances in this rapidly changing field, making the book the most comprehensive source on the subject. — Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment    For students and teachers of money and finance in economic development, the revised edition is even more comprehensive and inclusive. While maintaining high standards of analytical rigor, the authors model a surprising wide range of tough macroeconomic problems–including the more recent Mexican and East Asian currency crises … an invaluable treatise. This e-book contains 830 pages.

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14.  Microeconomics, 10th Edition

The author of this ebook, "Microeconomics",  is a worldwide leader because it provides a serious, analytical approach to the discipline using the latest policy and data. The author trains students to think like economists by offering a clear introduction to theory and applying the concepts to today’s events, news, and research.   From our global food shortage to global warming, economic issues permeate our everyday lives. Parkin brings critical issues to the forefront. Each chapter begins with one of today’s key issues, and additional issues appear throughout the chapter to show the real-world applications of the theory being discussed. When the chapter concludes, students “read between the lines” to think critically about a news article relating to the issue, demonstrating how thinking like an economist helps make informed decisions. This e-book contains 508 pages.

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15.  Money Mastery:How to Control Spending,Eliminate Your Debt, Maximize Your Savings

Based on a people-tested and time-tested system, this book gives you detailed strategies to show you how to master your money by budgeting effectively, reducing debt, and investing wisely. It examines the reasons why we struggle with spending, borrowing, and saving, and how to get these habits under control. The book is based on 10 step-by-step principles that build upon each other, culminating in an entire system that gets to the heart of: why we spend, and how to track and control spending; the factors that keep people perpetually in debt, and how you can eliminate debt completely (including mortgage) in nine years or less; why you may not be saving as much as you’d like, and how you can velocitize your money for future wealth. Also included is a section on tax reduction which dispels the myths surrounding taxation that keep people paying more than the law actually requires. This e-book contains 312 pages.

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16. Accounting and Finance management


This e-book provides information for managing accounts and Finance, and will be helpful for post-graduate students and working managers


This e-book is the collection of the following e-books:

Basics of Accounting and Informnation Processin: The Accounting Cycle

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

Introduction to Managerial Accounting: Managerial and Cost Accounting

Process and Activity Based Costing: Managerial and Cost Accounting

Cost Analysis: Managerial and Cost Accounting

Job Costing: Managerial and Cost Accounting

Managerial Accounting - An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses

Current Assets: Part-1

Current Assets: Part-2

Liabilities and Equity

Long Term Assets

Indian Accounting Standard

Budgeting: Planning for Success - Budgeting and Decision Making

Managing Budgets

Analytics for Managerial Decision Making: Budgeting and Decision Making

Tools for Enterprise Performance Evaluation: Budgeting and Decision Making

The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Income Measurement and the Reporting Cycle: The Accounting Cycle

Strategic Financial Management - Part 1

Strategic Financial Management - Part 2

Financial Accounting DeMystified

Reporting Techniques - In support of Managerial Decision Making

The Capital Asset pricing Model

Understanding Financial Statements - Ninth Edition

Using Accounting Information

Company Valuation and Share Price - Part-1

Company Valuation and Take Over - Part 2

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Portfolio theory and Investment analysis


This e-book contains 4003 pages in totality.

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Complete Guide to Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management Book


This comprehensive text provides a consistent firm-wide platform for pricing, hedging and risk management of credit across a broad range of product classes. The book: emphasizes fixed income instruments rather than loans, where stochastic future exposures are modelled accurately; examines loans, credit derivatives, interest rate derivatives with risky counterparties and convertible bonds; provides a thorough analysis of the pricing and hedging of basket credit derivatives and other credit contingent products; adapts credit derivative modelling techniques in order to price and hedge the credit component in fixed income derivatives; provides a practical discusssion of market frictions that impact credit trading; illustrates complex theoretical issues with a high number of examples, tables and figures that have been designed with the practitioner in mind; and discusses proofs and technicalities in the appendix of each chapter.


This e-book contains 424 pages.

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Fundamentals of Financial Management, 12th Edition

Count on the renowned author team that's First in Finance to deliver a unique balance of clear concepts, contemporary theory, and practical applications that ensures a thorough understanding of today's corporate finance and financial management. Brigham/Houston's FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 12E presents a solid, focused foundation in financial basics punctuated with timely actual examples, end-of-chapter applications, and Integrated Cases that make it easier to understand the how and why of corporate budgeting, financing, and working capital decision making. The book's presentation of Time Value of Money (TVM) is repositioned so readers can immediately begin using the concepts after learning them. THOMSON ONE-BUSINESS SCHOOL EDITION accompanies this edition, offering the same financial online database used by professionals on Wall Street every day. FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 12E also offers APLIA FOR FINANCE, the leading homework solution tool in educational publishing today. Trust the strengths in Brigham/Houston's market-leading FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, 12E for the First in Finance time and time again.


This e-book contains 752 pages.

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Introduction to Accounting, 3rd edition


The fully revised and updated Third Edition of this textbook provides an accessible introduction to accounting for students coming to the subject for the first time. It embraces the basic techniques and underlying theoretical concepts in accounting and shows how these are applied in various circumstances.

This New Edition incorporates major changes which improve and update the previous edition. It can be easily used by students working on their own, as well as in a classroom environment.

It provides:

- Fully illustrated & worked examples

- Student Activities

- End of chapter questions, many of which have been taken from major accounting examination bodies.

-The solutions to all activities are given at the end of each chapter, and answers to the end of chapter questions are also supplied.

Introduction to Accounting is an essential textbook for undergraduate accounting students. It is designed to meet the needs of both the non-specialist and those intending to specialise in accounting at undergraduate and also postgraduate levels. The Solutions Manual will be available via the SAGE website


This e-book contains 552 pages.

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